Soran shares spectacular new EP ‘Space Boy’

Singer-songwriter and multi talented musician Soran returns, with brand new 5 track EP Space Boy. Radiating honesty throughout his lyricism he delivers his message via an authentic confessional style narrative. 

Using his music as a method of helping discover who he is as a person and as an artist. With the evolution of his style Sorans expertise lay in his explorative concoction of alternative RnB, Lo-fi, electronics and velvet like vocals all of which are perfectly displayed in this turn of the tide project ‘Space Boy’ via Universal Music Canada.

‘Space Boy’ was a particularly poignant release for the young artist as it not only marked his return but was also a direct ode to his late mother who sadly passed away.

“That song means so much to me. My mom named me after the anime Space Boy Soran. In Japanese, there are three different alphabets. She decided to write my name as ‘Universe’ in Japan. Lyrically, it’s about a character who goes out to save the world.” 

“Space Boy tells my story in parallel with the Japanese anime “Space Boy Soran” from which my mother was inspired to choose my first name. Each song tells an experience that I lived the past 3-4 years and you can hear at the same time the evolution of my sounds shape. This EP is the introduction to a world where I, Space Boy, am about to dive to become the Soran invested with a mission: to reinvent the perspective of what is ‘Pop’.”

Following in the footsteps of the 1960s anime hero he was so aptly named after, with his super power and mission to explore and create music wherever it takes him, his dedication is clear and with this set in his sights, the universe is truly the limit.

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Jem reveals mystical debut EP ‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’

Emerging with his debut single in late 2021, the spellbinding ‘Secrets’, Jem followed this enticing entrance with sophomore single ‘Lost’, in which Jem ventured deep into the Negative Realm.

Now ready to present the debut four track visionary EP, ‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ features Middle eastern percussion and haunting backing vocals alongside rich, Radiohead influences and 90s alt rock. To complete the odyssey are two unreleased pieces, the single ‘Do I Wanna Know’ and the deeply personal ‘Paranoia’.

“Recording my EP  was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. Since I was really  young, music made me feel closer to a force beyond the human ego could ever reach. I am forever grateful for the serenity, joy, and sweet melancholy that music has brought into my life.

‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ is the completion of songs I’ve written before and during the pandemic. It’s a combination of feelings and some musical notes which transformed me into the musician I am today! In a world where emotions are often mistaken as a weakness, I’ve never wished to stand back to talk about how I feel, and with time music became an outlet to express my emotions and grow free from my pain -from melancholy to euphoria.” – Jem

‘Don’t Let Me Disappear’ is an eclectic medium of transportation whilst showcasing Jems innate understanding to display sensitivity within his songwriting, this project serves as a delicate bridge between worlds, waiting to be explored. 

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BRIAN BAKER Releases Breezy Indie EP Recorded On New Zealand Farm

New Zealand singer-songwriter BRIAN BAKER today celebrates the release of his latest 5-track EP OPEN UP YOUR HEART, a collection of new and reimagined tunes, recorded at his Kaipara-based studio facility.

A new arrangement on a song he originally wrote back in 2018, ‘Open Up Your Heart’ is a cruisy, care-free, electro-dub ear-worm with an ageless and universal message which Baker says is simply an appeal to lift up our hearts and embrace love. As far as writing and producing the track, it was a true labor of love. “I really took an experimental path with this particular song. It had been recorded previously but I wasn’t happy with it. I took it apart and built it up again, new chords, new lyrics, a more interesting and challenging arrangement. Did I mention that I love singing those acapella vocals in the mid-section? It’s a thing…..”

The EP also includes another earlier song Baker had co-written with former Split Enz musical maestro Eddie Rayner when they had the band The Makers, the revitalized foot-stomping track ‘New Kind Of Blue’. With ‘Fool’, the big groove and guitar riff with its catchy chorus make this an instantly radio-friendly tune, followed by a dreamy instrumental Baker composed titled ‘Blue Water Meditation’, which showcases his guitar skills.

To round off the EP, Baker surprises even himself by including a slightly tongue-in-cheek cover version – a charged-up arrangement of the Tori Amos song ‘Cornflake Girl’“We were doing a live TV show as The Makers in Sydney back in the early 1990s”, says Brian. “And the other musical guest on the show was Tori Amos doing a piano-vocal performance of ‘Cornflake Girl’. We were blown away by her immense talent and this particular song. I’ve always wanted to do my own rock guitar treatment on it, and here it is.”

The EP is currently streaming across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to ‘Open Up Your Heart’ on Spotify now, or watch on YouTube below.

The consummate journeyman musician is also a laid-back bohemian life-styler, living off-the-grid on his permaculture farm in the picturesque heart of the Kaipara. It’s a busy combination, as Baker balances life between running the farm and all that entails, using his considerable musical talents to record and produce artists in his production studio, ‘The Bakery’. “Frank (old blue eyes Sinatra) is our boss goose/gander and he wrangles me each morning before I can get to coffee, with loud demands to feed him and the girls! Only when they’re satisfied can I head up to the studio and start my guitar practice. I feel very fortunate to be able to live life in this beautiful place and make music with the wonderfully talented artists here in Northland. True joy.”

A naturally gifted musician, Baker can lay claim to a catalog of songs sure to warm the musical soul of any audience member. Now, with the release of Open Up Your Heart, Baker is keen to change gears and make a return to performing live in support of it. He’s created a fantastic live show highlighting his uplifting vocals and amazing guitar skills, so keep a lookout for his tour dates and make sure you check out this talented guitarist/singer-songwriter.

Brian is launching the EP with a gig at The Ledge in Whangarei near where he lives on the North Island of NZ. Brian is also appearing at the Bay Of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival in August.

You can hear the entire EP on Spotify now.

Brian Baker is a singer/songwriter/producer with a passion for the environment, a theme evident in his songs, music, and videos. He plays guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, drums, and percussion, sings, and relishes his production duties, on his own songs and other artists’ works. 

Brian is passionate about songwriting and is a student and big fan of Pat Pattison. (A professor at Berklee College of Music, teaching lyric writing and poetry. Songwriting instructor to John Mayer and Gillian Welch among others…) After moving to Australia from New Zealand in 1980, Brian performed with many Australian bands, securing a Sony recording deal with “The Ones”. Around this time he scored his first song placement on the second UnCanny X-Men album, (Australian rock act) with the song “Colour Your Answer Blue”. After writing and recording the top 20 single “Heart” with The Ones (released on Sony) he went on to co-write the score for the movie “Rikki and Pete” with Eddie Rayner from Split Enz/Crowded House. Eddie and Brian continued to work together as “The Makers”, releasing 2 CDs through Warner’s East West label, including the hit single “Big Picture”. Together with drummer Michael Barker, they toured Australia and New Zealand with the B52’s and appeared on TV shows like MTV, Countdown, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Tonight Live, and The Midday Show. Eddie and Brian still work together from time to time, with Eddie contributing mixing tips and critique on his releases, plus various bits of keyboards on Brian’s other work.  They performed together at the Waiheke Island International Jazz Festival in 2012 to delighted crowds and recently released an album of outtakes and live recordings from The Makers.

“So there I am, standing up on stage in front of 25,000 people in Brisbane, Australia, playing with Eddie freakin Rayner, my childhood hero from the amazing Split Enz! Suddenly, power to Eddie’s keyboards drops out and he is limited to plonking out some bass lines on his backup synth. Our drummer – (the incredible) Michael Barker looks over at me and yells out – “take some solos Brian, until Eddie’s rig comes back on line!” So OK, step up – on with the show but I get told later – “That’s when the show came alive, people love your guitar playing…” Up until then, I’d always seen the guitar as more of a tool to get the song out there but with Eddie’s patient coaching and Michael’s encouragement I began to see it as a possibility to contribute more. This EP marks a stage in that journey, where long hours of practice and obsession with the great exponents of the art of guitar, (from Django to Jimi and SRV special mention to Jeff Beck), see the guitar being my increasingly preferred form of expression.”

In 2003 Brian signed with Fable Music/The Image Label to produce library music which continues to be used worldwide. He’s written and recorded radio and TV jingles, short films, and documentary scores. He has performed at countless shows and is writing and recording songs and music at the highest level of his profession. Brian is proud to be currently signed to Origin Music Publishing, which works with him to develop the music and songs he is frequently releasing and promote it worldwide.

Open Up Your Heart EP Launch Tour July/August around New Zealand

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Introducing Stars in Toledo

Burlington, Iowa-based rock band Stars In Toledo has announced their upcoming Sophmore album Ascendance and released the title track lead single. A group of experienced and accomplished studio and touring musicians, Stars In Toldeo plays what many have termed “New Classic Rock” with the heart of an American rock band featuring an eclectic mix of members from England, Argentina, and the United States. With diverse backgrounds and influences, it’s hard to pinpoint one specific genre for the band, but rock is their one true love.

What is undeniable is the pure love of playing music Stars in Toledo brings to the table. The album will feature 12 tracks spanning the genres of rock, indie, and prog. The album will include 10 originals, as well as covers of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledge Hammer” and “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.

The first single, “Ascendance”, is a straight-ahead rocker that kicks off with an ever-building drum, bass, and guitar groove. The song quickly makes its way to its sing-along chorus, reminiscent of the hard blues-rock of Greta Van Fleet and Blacktop Mojo.

Along with the single, Stars in Toledo has released a video for “Ascendance”. The video was shot on Burlington Memorial Auditorium live. “Ascendance” is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to it now on Spotify or watch the video on YouTube below:

For the album, Stars In Toledo tapped Nashville producer Luke De Jaynes. “We are lucky to have had Luke De Jaynes be part of our team,” says the band. “Luke took his Nashville studio completely apart, put it in a van, and he and his engineer drove 9 hours to western Illinois to track the album in four days. Then, he did it again just a few weeks later to track vocals!” The album was co-produced by Nick Knedler and Carlos Capdevila.

Catch Stars In December at Wildwoods in Iowa City, IA on 7/24/22 and at RiverFest in Quincy, IL on 8/4/27.

Stars In Toledo Is:
Carlos Capdevila – Drummer (Tucuman, Argentina) 
Johnny Gram – Guitars and Vocals (Birmingham, England)
Nick Knedler – Guitars and Vocals
Daryl Bond – Bass and Vocals 
Joe Russell – Lead Vocalist

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Introducing Less Than None

Bronx metal-core mainstay Less Than None has just released their new EP Identity Fading. The 5-track EP is being released by Sonic Decoy Records and documents a period of growth for the band.“If our HANDS ON FIRE EP was our caterpillar phase, then this EP is our cocoon phase,” explains vocalist Carlos. 

Thematically, Identity Fading is about looking inward. “It’s about shedding who you used to be and the pain it takes to grow into someone else,” says Carlos. “This E.P is a hodgepodge of songs about grief, loss, self-awareness, reflection, nostalgia, and letting go, all in the theme of coming into the next best version of who you will be. I’m hoping these songs resonate with people who are on their own unique path of self-discovery and healing.”

Musically Identity Fading EP balances the brutal and the beautiful, blending chaotic metalcore with soaring vocals and huge hooks. The EP features the singles “Aware”, which was rolled out earlier this year at the beginning of the album release cycle, and the title track “Identity Fading”, which released with the EP.

 ‘Aware’ was a very challenging song to write for me. I would argue it is my most spiritual song,” Carlos says. ” Aware’ is about connecting with your high self through self-awareness. It’s about the differences between ego and the self. You are not our thoughts, you are just the observer of them.“ Stream “Aware” on Spotify now or watch on YouTube below:

Since the band’s inception in 2011, Less Than None has had a tremendous impact on the underground music scene of NYC. Less Than None has been featured on media outlets such as Bullspike Radio & Greece’s Metal Therapy Radio as well as performed at the famous Webster Hall and headlined the Gramercy Theatre. The band has performed and worked with a number of artists including Angel Vivaldi, Ghost Ship Octavius, The Bloodline, and A Killer’s Confession among others. 

Less Than None has no intention of slowing down post-release. “We’re in the midst of re-discovering ourselves musically and thematically post-COVID times. Shedding who we once were, and preparing for something greater,” says the band. “Our mission is to continue releasing new and exciting music that impacts everyone, from our closest friends to strangers around the world. Join us as we create a musical escape for audiences to enjoy!

Identity Fading was produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Kevin Antreassian at Backroom Studios (Dillenger Escape Plan). It was released by Sonic Decoy Records and is currently playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to the album on Spotify below.


Less Than None is celebrating the release of the EP with a live show on Friday, July 29th at 89 North in Patchogue NY, performing alongside A Farewell Fire.

Less Than None Is:

Carlos – Vocals
Alex – Drums
Chris – Guitars
Mike – Guitars
Arturo – Bass

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Introducing Stay Loud

Wilkes-Barre, PA punk rock band Stay Loud has just released their latest album, Sophomore Slump. The 15-track album features the lead single “Wow! That’s A Low Price” as well as follow-up singles “Justene is an Ugly Name” and the self-titled single “Sophomore Slump”.

The album was recorded at Novro Studios and mixed/mastered by Eric Novroski. “We really hope everyone has something they can relate to with this album,” explains the band. “It’s all about love and friends having fun! We recorded this record during the pandemic because we didn’t know when we would play a show again. We just wanted to have some fun!”

The album is being released by DI Records. “DI Records has been family to us,” the band explains. “They let us in with open arms! Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. Their patience and guidance are everything we could’ve asked for. We love them.” And from the looks of it, the sentiment is mutual. “Since Stay Loud joined DI, they have shown nothing but their commitment to excellence,” says DI Records. “Matched with their manager Alonna Weaver, they have proceeded to meet every challenge with gusto. Sophomore Slump is a combination of their talent and hard work. If this album is a marker for the future then Stay Loud will be blowing us away for years to come.”

Stay Loud’s new single “Sophomore Slump” is a song for those that haven’t yet found their purpose in the world. “It’s about those that are pressured every day to begin careers and make decisions for their lives solely influenced by other people,” explains the band. “On the outside, it looks like someone is lazy or just completely idle,  but on the inside, they are thinking daily about what they can do better and their purpose. This is a message of hope to those people.

“Sophomore Slump” is a driving mid-tempo, rocking punk track with a huge hook, sure to keep your head bobbing. The single is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to “Sophmore Slump” now on Spotify or on YouTube below:

The band’s follow-up single “Justene is an Ugly Name” upens with a clean guitar riff before launching into a fast paced punk track. This gives way to chill, ska influenced verse until blasting into a catchy chorus. All of this is thrown out the window as the band brings us a breakdown, complete with gutural vocals, making the track quite the musical journey.

Lyrically, the single is a song about second-guessing the decisions in life that we make to make others happy. “This song takes the perspective of someone trapped in their own thoughts trying to make their own choices in life while balancing the opinions of others,” says the band. “For those that are afraid to pursue their lives to their own enjoyment, we hope this is a message of hope.”

The track is currently streaming on all digital streaming platforms. You can listen to it now on Spotify, or on YouTube below.

Stay Loud started off the album release cycle by releasing a video for the lead single “Wow! That’s A Low Price”, which you can watch on YouTube below.

Stay Loud has played over a hundred shows including The Vans Warped Tour and shows with The Veer Union and Boys Of Fall. They are embarking on an album release tour called the “Stay Loud’s Slump Summer Tour” starting June 27th. Check out the dates below and make a plan to catch the band when they play near you!

Tour Dates:

June 27th The Litterbox, Elizabeth NJ
June 28th: Cult Classic Brewery, Stevensville MD
June 29th: Atlas Brewery, Washington DC
July 1st: HMAC, Harrisburg PA
July 9th: Karl Hall, Wilkes-Barre PA

Stay Loud Is:
Chris Cashmere -Lead Singer/ Rhythm Guitarist
Gerry Tulao – Lead Guitarist
CJ Davenport- Bass
Jonathon Kamor- Drums/backup Vocals/ Keyboards 

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Alt Rap artist Tremayne teams up with heavy hitter Backxlash and Charlie Noiir in ‘Daddy Issues’

Enlisting the ferocious bars of Polaris Prize winner and metal Rap artist Backxwash, Tremayne returns with his second 2022 single, the vulnerable and emotion-fuelled, ‘Daddy Issues’ which explores each artist’s experience with their subsequent parental figures.

Tremayne’s tone and calibre remains exciting, creative and utterly unstoppable as he dives deep into the toxicity present in these relationships, navigating the emotions and feelings that can surface such as pride, ignorance, stubbornness, guilt, resentment, confusion and anger in a braggadocios way.

With Charlie Noiirs capable vocals detailing the chorus, also written by Tremayne, the hook cleverly reinterprets lil Wayne’s 2006 single ‘stuntinlikemydaddy’. Unapologetic and theatrical, ‘Daddy Issues’ provides a cathartic outlet for others who have experienced similar difficulties.  

“I think the concept of the collective consciousness of artists is reigning heavy. Knowing that both myself and one of the biggest rappers of my generation Kendrick chose to highlight this rarely, openly discussed topic that we notice a lot in the black community is super important to me, because it deserves a conversation”

Keep tabs on Tremayne:

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CIRCADIA Aims To Make “A Lasting Impression” With Positive New Single

Hailing from Ravenna Ohio, Circadia is an electronic pop-rock duo consisting of Nathan and Alyssa James. The band has just released their newest single, “A Lasting Impression“, a song all about the importance of love. “This song has what I think is a very important message that the world needs to hear,” explains Nathan. “The message is basically, don’t sugar coat the truth that Love is ultimately the most important aspect in life. I don’t just mean true love with a wife or significant other, but loving others unconditionally no matter where they are in life. In order for us as human beings to make a lasting impression in this world, being exudant of Love is paramount!

Musically, “A Lasting Impression” is a nice slice of electronic pop-rock, combining a driving pop beat with oversaturated guitars. Layers of keys fill the song out while a moving bass line and metal-tinged double kick beats provide a solid backbeat for the single. The track exemplifies the positive and energetic nature of Circadia, whos mission statement is “to live in this dark world with a B.U.I.L.T mentality. B.U.I.L.T stands for: Be kind, Use your gifts, Inspire others, Love unconditionally, and try your best.

A Lasting Impression” is part of the release cycle for Circadia’s upcoming Sophmore album, Built From Heartache, due out in early 2023. Built from Heartache is all about basically dusting yourself off and keeping going,” says the band. “Not giving up when things get super hard in life.” “A Lasting Impression” is currently playing across all digital streaming providers. Listen to it now on Spotify, or on YouTube below.

Circadia has amassed over 400k total streams and counting on Spotify and Tidal, with their most recent single passing the 70k total streams mark. Their interview with the popular podcast From The Stache was the # 1 most listened to podcast on Amazon music for 2 straight weeks.

Circadia Is:

Nathan James – Founder / Creator and Front Man
Alyssa James – Synth / Keys and Programing

Connect With Circadia: 



Libricide is a multi-faceted modern rock band based out of New York, USA, fusing styles and taking stages to create an original sonic experience that broadens your mind and gets stuck in your head. Holding down multiple roles at the forefront of Libricide is producer, songwriter, and frontman Harun Gadol, who originally formed the band as a solo project, releasing the first EP Barriers To EntryLead Guitarist Dylan Stark joined shortly after, leading the group to Libricide’s self-titled, full-length debut album in 2015. The band was soon on the rise amidst their local tri-state area live circuit, finding a wide array of bills and venues that welcomed their adaptive sound.

The band has just released their latest full-length album, Consilience. The 11-track album was a true labor of love for the band over the past year and more. “We spent many months during the pandemic painstakingly recording this album to perfection,” explains Gadol, “The majority of it was done at Portrait Recording Studios in Pompton Plains, NJ, while I handled the vocal tracking and guitar solos at my home studio in Walden, NY. “ Attempting to navigate the album during the pandemic was a trying experience for the band. “Writing & recording this album was a roller coaster ride for all of us,” says Stark. “We were in the writing phase when the world came to an abrupt halt in March of 2020. Like out of some post-apocalyptic horror film, everything all around us stopped & we were not sure how or if we would ever get back to doing music on a big scale again.

True to their name, Libricide burns the book of rules and expectations of musical trends, creating a unity of genre that aligns with the message of ConsilienceMeaning “unity of knowledge”, Consilience represents the alliance formed in the making of the record, as the band’s internal team of songwriting and arrangement aligns with external collaboration alongside such artisans of production as Ted Jensen (The Eagles, Green Day, Norah Jones) and John Ferrara (Cro-Mags, Trophy Scars, Young Thieves). If the first album endeavored to captivate the local scene, Consilience represents the band’s new emergence to cross the threshold into reaching audiences across the nation and the world.

The album features the singles “Them Without You“, a beautiful, genuinely heartfelt ballad about outgrowing people around you who no longer support your vision, and “Last Time“, a straight-ahead rocker that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. “I do believe the level of uncertainty we faced helped to push us to our limits so that we could carry on & finish the record as if it were our last one,” explains Stark. “Each one of us played to our strengths while we also stepped out of our comfort zones & experimented with new ideas. I stepped up not only as a songwriter but as a lyricist as well.

Various artists and musical aesthetics inform the sound of Libricide, as the band nods to classic rock inspiration while broadening their horizons to encompass a wide sphere of influence. Libricide’s collective influences range from the core classics of the rock world to 90’s/2000’s alternative and grunge, funk, metal, and hip-hop. Their diverse musical tastes are well-applied in their songwriting, representing a wide breadth of styles while still providing memorable, catchy, and radio-ready tracks. “There’s something for everyone on this record,” says Gadol, “We really tried to write it in a way that even if there are genre influences you might not be immediately familiar with, we present them in a way that can vibe with anyone.

Consilience is currently streaming across all digital streaming platforms. Listen to it now on Spotify.


As they reside in their unity of genre, Libricide also expands into the unity of sound and visuals, with cinematic animated and live videos accompanying their latest full-length work, as the band continues to grow and enrich their musical explorations now and into the future. Libricide is celebrating the release of Consilience with a set at Orange Loop Rock Festival in Atlantic City, NJ on Sunday, June 12th, playing alongside Stone Temple Pilots, Hoobastank, Puddle of Mudd, John 5, Naughty By Nature, and more!

We’re playing Orange Loop Rock Festival in Atlantic City, NJ on Sunday June 12th – with Stone Temple Pilots, Hoobastank, Puddle of Mudd, John 5, Naughty By Nature, and more!

Track Listing:
1. Fork Union
2. Over Everything
3. Everything Is Easy
4. Silence
5. Them Without You
6. Last Time
7. Consilience
8. Acceptable Losses
9. Work Right Now.
10. Deliver Us
11. It All Might Fall

Libricide Is:
Harun Gadol – Vocals/Guitar
Dylan Stark – Lead Guitar
Paul Paldino – Bass
James Knoerl – Drums

Connect With Libricide:


STFLR Return With Harborless

Long Island, NY pop-punk band STFLR just dropped their latest single, “Harborless”. The track kicks off with some overly saturated riffs and double-time drums, reminiscent of 90s skate punk before giving way to a more full-time feel. The single balances a line somewhere between melodic punk and the more hard-edged approach of hardcore, including a pretty gnarly breakdown section that transitions effortlessly into a beautiful, instrumental outro.

Lyrically, the song discusses themes of depression and despair. “The song deals with about how insignificant you can feel,” explains the band. “How you don’t care about anything when you’re at your darkest moments and you just feel like leaving everything behind. It is also about regret and how missed opportunities can haunt you.


Forming in 2019, STFLR started as a hobby between high school friends that quickly turned into something more. Members of the band had been playing in various bands for over a decade, but STFLR felt special. “When we started the writing process for STFLR, and ideas started forming, we decided to take the band seriously,” says the band, whose music ranges from traditional pop-punk into different subgenres of the scene, “We have the policy where we write what sounds good. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pop-punk riff, a hardcore riff, or a beatdown riff. If it sounds good we will find a way to make it work.

Finding a way to make it work hasn’t always come easy for the band. Each of the members holds down a full-time job, wives, and most have children. With that in mind, STFLR makes the most out of the time they have together. “We really can only work out songs one or twice a month for 2 hours at a time,” explains the band. “So when we do write and record we bust our ass because our time is so precious.

So far, the formula has worked, culminating in 2021’s A Collection Of Bad Ideas EP, which saw the band headlining an EP release show at Amityville Music Hall. “It was our first time headlining a show at Amityville Music Hall, and all our friends came out to make it a truly special show.

“Harborless” is the first single of STFLR’s new release cycle. The song was recorded at Westfall Studios by Anthony Lopardo and Ray Marte (Moon Tooth) in Farmingdale, New York. STFLR is currently working on a batch of new songs set for release later in the year. With a newfound focus, drive, and passion, STFLR  still has something left to say.

“Harborless” is currently streaming across all Digital Streaming Platforms. Listen to the single now on Spotify or on YouTube below.

Nick, Yianni, Angelo, Mike

Connect With STFLR:


Jozem reveals the spellbinding 10 track debut album ‘it came to me in a dream’

Singer, songwriter and producer Jozem presents his exquisite, entirely self-produced debut album, it came to me in a dream. Utterly haunting, completely chill-inducing and filled with layer upon layer of texture, vivid imagery and soul stirring soundscapes, it came to me in a dream, is the true definition of alternative RnB.

Each release Jozem shares is intrinsically tied to his core being, representing a tiny insight to not only who he is as an artist but also uncovers direct details of his unique human experience. Every offering  an opportunity, which Jozem grasps with both hands as he undeniably shares a little piece of his soul with his audience, marking a truly rare and inspiring gift. 

Featuring 5 previously released singles ‘Breath’ , ‘Dreams’, ‘Water Me’, ‘Goderich’ and ‘Youth’, Jozem perfectly balances the album with 5 unreleased slices of smoothness ‘ Möbius’, ‘Lunar’, ‘Danforth’ ‘The Risk’ and the albums single ‘Foreign’ which help complete the project in its entirety. Put simply, it came to in a dream is a spiritual and healing  journey in sonic form.

Describing the single ‘Foreign’, Jozem poignantly shares, 

“In life, with all its noise and distractions, it is so easy to just keep going with the flow that you lose sight of your purpose and forget how you got to where you are. 

Foreign is about being lost and getting to a juncture where you are forced to face yourself and the person you have become. You start questioning who you are and question the relationships with the people who you love. Foreign is about bravely sitting in those moments of uncertainty, letting yourself question the things that you’ve been conditioned into believing about yourself, who you should be, and how you present to the world. 

For me, it is often in my sleepless nights where I am alone and cannot hide where I have these conversations with myself and am forced to reckon with the demons that haunt me. Ultimately it is in these moments where you really can face your truth and strive to align your being and your actions with who you truly are and want to be.” 

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DCxPC Live Releases Grave Return/The Hamiltons Live Split Vinyl

DCxPC Live has announced the release of DCxPC Live Vol 5: Grave Return and The Hamiltons. The album was recorded at a party thrown by DCxPC Live. DCxPC Live is a Florida based label that exclusively issues vinyl releases of live albums.

For Grave Return, a punk act from the suburbs of Orlando that has opened for notable acts such as The Damned, Agent Orange, and Radolescents, the album was just about getting together with friends in the name of fun. “Although we always very much appreciate when anyone is interested enough to listen to us or watch us play a show, at the time we recorded this it didn’t matter much,” explains the band.  “It was during the middle of a pandemic apocalypse and we were hanging out with a few friends, annihilating brewskies and having fun. That’s all that was important at the time.”

On the flip side of the vinyl is a set from The Hamiltons “The recording came about as a party with homies that moonlighted as a live recording,” adds The Hamiltons. “We decided to release songs on this label because it is run by friends and brothers. DCxPC throws a great shin-dig and we walked away with a buzz, full bellies, laughs, and a record. If people enjoy it half as much as we did recording it then mission accomplished.“

The album is limited to 150 copies, and it’s printed on opaque red vinyl. It includes a download card for a third unreleased live track by Grave Return that is not on the album. The album was recorded by Danger Room Recording Studios.

Listen to Rocket Summer (Live) from the album on Spotify now!

As for DCxPC Live, future releases in the works are The Goons Live from the Black Cat in DC, Ratchet Boys Live Ska from Baltimore, Ann Beretta (acoustic) Live at the Broadberry in Richmond, Some Kind of Nightmare, RATH and the Wise Guys, The Kutoffs, Noxious Profit, Our Escape, Fortitude, Call in Dead with their new singer, and more!


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