Italian cyber pop duo Trust the Mask share new synth single ‘Our Fault’

Trust the Mask return with ‘Our Fault’, the fluorescent new addition to the triple threat, the distinctive, galactic alt pop ‘Will you come?’ and the glitch infused, futuristic cyber-pop single ‘Otaku’.

The Italian based experimental electronic super duo arrived in an all encompassing, enigmatic, mask wearing whirlpool this 2023, engulfing all who dare to enter their world.

Alternative, yet flecked with pop and dance music sensibilities, each track is a living, breathing piece of sonic art, hanging suspended in Trust the Mask’s orbit.

This third single is leading us to the incredibly exciting and highly anticipated forthcoming full album project, Idiom which is an attempt to communicate across ages, classes and personalities.

Listen to ‘Our Fault’ here:

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noaccordion x Aima the Dreamer deliver the unifying ‘Smile Revolution’

Known for amplifying extraordinary voices, Oakland-based producer and recording artist Onah Indigo aka noaccordion is a a multi-instrumentalist, who defies the limitations of genre. Her newest single ‘Smile Revolution’ follows this same recipe as the talented Aima the Dreamer joins with her spoken word lyricism.

‘Smile Revolution’ is an empowering collaborative piece that seeks to celebrate joy, equality, diversity, connection and queerness. Hoping to build bridges with her music by introducing a deep understanding and respect of different cultures, ‘Smile Revolution’ holds a moving and universal message.

Music with meaning, ‘Smile Revolution’ hopes to unify and unite with beauty and grace.

“Know that your joy is a revolution, your peace is a revolution, Your happiness is resistance, queer joy is resistance / Black and brown joy is resistance, And we here to start a revolution so lean in” ~ Smile Revolution






Let Sanjay Michael take you ‘Rocking into Midnight’

Introducing Singapore Rock Singer Songwriter Sanjay Michael who is proudly carrying the torch of rock n’ roll and finding new ways to express it’s unrelenting, joyous energy to new audiences.

Much like mainstay genres like metal and punk, Rock music is always alive in the hearts and minds of those who believe in its sacred lineage and power to inspire.

Sanjay’s appropriately titled new single “Rocking Into Midnight” is a modern rock n’ roil tour de force, showcasing his love for the greats and passion for further evolving the beloved genre. Grooving with ample hooks and all heart, “Rocking Into Midnight” is a must-listen for rock music enthusiasts.

Sanjay’s fist-pumping signature sound revolves around electrified blues and rock influences. His upcoming album of the same name is tipped for release in the not too distant future and is jam packed, full of upbeat, classic Rock that is sure to put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face.

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Introducing RedCult

With a name based on a shadow religion in video game lore, REDCult takes the deep symbolism and mysticism surrounding the blood god-worshiping sect and applies it to life in modern day. We see now that with these times it would seem like a god based on sacrifice and war to bring prosperity seems very applicable to life in 2023. “The lyrics of salvation through revolution and worship of a blood sun are metal AF and we just love the imagery and deep dive into a rabbit hole. “

The brutal musicianship of Zack Robin (New Dilemma) and malevolent vocals of Greg Haberek (The Body Rampant, Will They Follow?) breathe life into a world of ritualistic macabre and the occult. The first single from this project “Severed” speaks into existence the act of walking away from all forms of material and mental shackles to embrace the power held within.

The goal with writing severed was to create some of the craziest most technical metal that I’ve ever made,” says Zack Robin. “I currently play in a rock band, and as much as I love the music and those guys, I have a side of me that needs to play heavy music, and severed, was my outlet for it.

 On the intensity and heaviness of “Severed”, he continues: “The goal was to be an all-out audio assault on the listeners’ ears. Never wanted the song to let up with constant fast drums constant fast guitars with the intensity of vocals to match it. It really has been a lot of fun producing this track and getting to write stuff in the style of the bands influenced me. The influence and drive behind writing such an intense track was from the anger and sense of wronging that I felt from past projects. When you pour years of your life into a project only for it to be driven into the ground, it can really ignite a fire inside you, and all of that creative energy was focused into what is now severed.

“Lyrically, the song is about severing yourself from the fake people, things and distractions in your life,” adds Greg Haberek. “Too many people have given away their power to false idols or deities and neglected the true power within. This song is a cry for remembrance. Knowing who you are and never letting others dim your shine again.”

Severed” is written, performed, and recorded by Greg Haberek (Vocals, Drums) and Zack Robin (Guitar, Bass). The track was mixed and mastered by Jordan Beal (Veil of Maya). RedCult will be releasing singles over a span of time with intentions to culminate into an EP or LP experience eventually. 

Severed” is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. The video is ultimately an intro to a cult-themed video series in which RedCult will visually show the experience of the lyrical narratives. Listen to the single on Spotify or on YouTube below:

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Feel all the feels with Blair West’s ‘Nostalgia’

“Nostalgia is painful that way” – wouldn’t you agree? If we were songwriters, that’s exactly how we’d phrase it. Thank goodness Blair West is here to express the feelings for us so we can sit down and make the most out of her new wonderful tune ‘Nostalgia’. 

This track is a warm embrace with its celestial vocal arrangements and organic guitar patterns. Blair’s tone is airy and dreamy, perfectly embodying the idea of a memory, one that’s close to your heart, and one on which you look back on with a mix of longing, sadness, happiness and affection. 

There’s a timeless quality that pervades the track, a familiar note that can’t be ignored. ‘Nostalgia’ feels like looking at an old photo, like telling the story of past times to people around a fire. We strongly recommend you cosy up and drink tea over this – we promise the experience will be unmatched!

Listen to ‘Nostalgia’ here:

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CHEER UP DUSTY Releases Video For New Single “LEGACY”

Philadelphia, PA four-piece Alt-Rock band Cheer Up Dusty has released their newest single, the slick up-tempo Legacy. Combining spacious vocals with superb pop-punk sensibilities, Legacy is the heavy hitting leadoff single off the band’s upcoming EP.

Legacy is our first single off our new EP and the first song we filmed a music video for. While it was being made it was quickly deemed a stronger song we wanted to push as far as we could. The funny thing about it is it’s the most unprepared song we had going into the studio, it was just a riff from Brayan really that in the studio we all brought to life collectively to the point at the end we somewhat forgot how it even started.” Says Cheer Up Dusty about their new release. On its importance to themselves, they continue, “ The song means a lot personally because ultimately the legacy we leave as a band when all said and done is most important. I hope people can listen to this song and whatever their life goal or passion is they’ll think about it and go, “I can do this”.”

Legacy is written and performed by Cheer Up Dusty, with additional writing credits by Paul Berthold. Production credits are lead by Pete Zen, with Assistant Producer credits by Mikey Lince. 

The song is now playing across all digital streaming platforms. Cheer Up Dusty had the following to say about the video for Legacy”Making the video for Legacy turned into one of the most organic things we’ve done together. We had the pleasure of shooting at Bob’s Diner in Philadelphia. We have family ties with the diner and got to film after closing on a cloudy Sunday in February. We went in just us, our friend/photographer Eric, a few friends/family members came as extras and we just had a fun day getting shots. No agenda, no stress, no bullshit. I remember leaving and everyone was in a good mood and you know you did well when you spend hours unloading setting up and packing up and you’re still smiling.”  Listen to the single on Spotify or on YouTube below.

Cheer Up Dusty is an electrifying four-piece rock ensemble established in 2019 by the talented vocalist, Justin Humenik. The band’s distinctive sound is characterized by forceful vocals, irresistible hooks, and robust instrumentation, as demonstrated in their popular release, “Everybody Hates Me.”

The band’s inception can be traced back to Justin Humenik using music as a therapeutic outlet. Early on, he collaborated with Nick Silvidio, now the band’s rhythm guitarist, to produce their debut EP. However, the pandemic temporarily halted their progress. Despite the setback, the band eventually welcomed bassist Pat Desiato and released engaging music videos in support of their work. Amidst the pandemic, Cheer Up Dusty launched their second EP, “A Collection of Singles,” and joined forces with guitarist Brayan Marin.

In March 2022, the band made waves with their unforgettable single, “Everybody Hates Me,” which garnered widespread attention across the Northeast. Soon after, Caleb Kerr joined as a full-time drummer, solidifying the band’s lineup. Cheer Up Dusty then went on to support GoalKeeper and Driveways during a spring weekender, eventually headlining the Homies Tour alongside Promise Game.

As they prepare for their highly anticipated release this summer, Cheer Up Dusty aims to showcase their most introspective and mature work to date, reflecting their artistic growth and unwavering dedication to their craft.

Cheer Up Dusty can be seen on tour on their Double Header Weekend 5/26 & 5/27, as well as their Northeast Weekend Tour 6/23 – 6/26. Specific dates can be found on the band’s social media pages.

Cheer Up Dusty Is:

Justin Humenik – Vocalist
Brayan Marin – Guitarist
Nick Silvidio – Rhythm Guitarist
Caleb Kerr – Drummer
Pat Desiato – Bassist 

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Trust the Mask share dystopian new single ‘Otaku’

Trust the Mask share their second slice of dynamic synth action, in the form of the glitch infused, futuristic cyber-pop single and accompanying visual ‘Otaku’. Taken from the Japanese language, Otaku translates to a person or group of people that eschew human interactions in favour of video games and anime. It describes someone who is obsessed with computing, technology or certain aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills. 

Emerging from their conceptual cocoon back in 2021 they began their journey with the hypnotic, tribal debut  ‘Solstice Ritual’, the undulating ‘Cloudy Again’ and later in 2022, the luscious ’Opaque’ and the bracing ‘Crisis’.

Much more than merely an intriguing artist name and on the contrary to the usual facade of traditional mask wearing, Trust the Mask do not hide behind their face coverings. Intertwined into the very essence of their being, these beautifully crafted headpieces breathe life into another entity entirely. 

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Kate Fenner shares the raw, emotive ‘Dead Reckoning’

Kate Fenner is a Canadian musician, currently based in New York City. The New York Times describes her vocal stylings as having a “lusty, alternative, Joni Mitchell-ish sound”. She was one of the primary singers and songwriters for the Canadian alternative rock band Bourbon Tabernacle Choir in the 1980s and 1990s. After its dissolution, Fenner continued performing as a duo with her former Bourbon bandmate Chris Brown. In 2000, she toured and sang with Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip on the “Music @ Work” tour. Fenner released a solo album, Horses and Burning Cars, in 2003, followed by her second solo album, Magnet, produced by Chris Brown.

In December 2004, through January 2005, Fenner was invited to be the opening act for blues artist B.B. King on a tour through the American South, at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, and at BB King’s in New York City. 

At this time, Fenner also began to sing in several performance pieces for the visual artist Joan Jonas, among them “The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things” (originally commissioned by the Dia Beacon and subsequently performed around the world, “Reading Dante”, and “They Come to Us Without a Word”, which premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

In November 2017, she released a third solo album, “Middle Voice”, followed with some performances. Fenner recorded it with long-time musical collaborator Tony Scherr. Musical contributors to the recording include Bill Frisell, Jason Moran, Norah Jones, Chris Brown, and Tony Scherr.

Now the Canadian Singer Songwriter and lionhearted truth teller shares her new album “Dead Reckoning” which carries the existential weight of life, death and shared trauma on it’s shoulders, and as such becomes a challenge to sum up in words. It’s the palpable and unprecedented depth of the emotion and raw energy that is Kate Fenner‘s currency here. When facing genuine hardship, wisdom may rear it’s elusive head and all else seems trivial compared to it’s looming presence. Out of struggle and self-reflection, Kate Fenner has created an album beyond simplistic definitions and worthy of study. Kate’s uniquely powerful voice is both haunting and fragile throughout. For anyone dealing with loss, death or the relentless struggle in between, there are ample gems to discover throughout “Dead Reckoning”. In the tradition of artists like Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith, this is indeed serious music dealing with intensely human themes.

Listen to ‘Dead Reckoning’ here:





Les Techno shares infectious new single ‘Make You Feel Good’

Les Techno presents songs of social satire with sonic influences ranging from hip-hoppy grooves and 80’s punk-wave to electric guitar psychedelia and electronic music.  A New York City rocker, noted guitarist and studio whiz-kid,   Les’ prior releases “Guilty Pleasure” and “Come Along” get regular play. “Edge of the World” reached #20 Indie DRT Chart and #144 Global DRT Chart in December 2019 and “Where were You?” was featured on Detroit’s WRIF  “Underground Sound System” in 2018.  Les has made hip-hop tracks with Run-DMC (Profile), Mobb Deep (Loud/RCA), Onyx (Def Jam/Sony) and Red Hot Chili Peppers (Higher Ground).   

Now the Modern Rock and Electropop Provocateur has shared his new single “Make You Feel Good”, due April 26 via Solid Bass Records. This prolific and highly versatile New York-based musician and producer is known for his sardonic lyrical wit and masterful blend of industrial-tinged post-punk, alternative, pop and electronica. His musical output always straddles the line between pointed social commentary, autobiographical admissions and expansive mystique. 

Check out ‘Make You Feel Good’:

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Forward thinking Cosmopolis share gutsy new single ‘Parasite’

Cosmopolis is a new kind of group: three musicians based around the world – in Belgium, Australia and England – making music together, sometimes physically and other times virtually. The music is recorded in multiple locations and is arranged, mixed and mastered in the cloud. 

Now the Forward-thinking Post-Punk Art Rock collective cook a bitches brew of unfiltered, scathing lyricism, gutsy social commentary, and swaths of Gothic Rock, Post-Rock, Prog, Electronica and Lofi sounds on new single “Parasite”Cosmopolis don’t just inhabit a uniquely dark and enigmatic space along the musical spectrum; the revel in it. With influences ranging from SwansNick Cave, Joy Division and Massive Attack to the ever-influential Pink Floyd, this is music geared towards a visceral experience for the listener. Music Mayhem Magazine credited the band with ‘major Radiohead and David Bowie vibes’, describing their music as ‘unapologetically dark music and belief that the power of music can influence emotions, behaviors, and morals.’

Check out Parasite here: