Sing It Loud

Sing it Loud is a five piece band from Minneapolis, MN consisting of Pat Brown (lead vocals/guitar), Kieren Smith (guitar/backing vocals), Nate Flynn (bass), Ben Peterson (piano/keyboard) and Chris Lee (drums). The band has been around since 2007 but has really come into their own with the release of their new album, Everything Collide, releaseContinue reading “Sing It Loud”


Grayskul are a gothic hip-hop duo from Seattle, Washington. They consist of MCs Onry Ozzborn and JFK. Their music is dark, slow and forbidding. They are currently signed to Rhymesayers and have toured opening for Atmosphere. Their new album Bloody Radio is a dark, grim concept album featuring Slug of Atmosphere, Aesop Rock, Cage, PigeonContinue reading “Grayskul”

Betty Steeles

Betty Steeles describes her music as “friendly pop”. This indie-folk songstress has stolen our collective heart. One listen to “Flowers in Pain” or “Bus Boy” and you will be sold as well. As her myspace says, think Jack Johnson meets Bjork. The native Londener has played the festivals and plays often in and around London.Continue reading “Betty Steeles”

Black Cards

Fall Out Boy bassist and Ashley Simpson baby daddy Pete Wentz has unveiled his newest project, Black Cards, or Bl4ck C4rds, or BlAck CArds with the A’s upside down. In any event, the Black Cards are Wentz’s newest project since Fall Out Boy went belly up as frontman Patrick Stump going solo and the otherContinue reading “Black Cards”