Maybe Brooklyn is not the place to show off your C-Walk?

Via KarenCivil: The mixture of heat, gang members, egos and video shoots on the surface don’t seem like things you’d want around each other all at the same time. While shooting a video for his song “Eastsidin’,” Glasses Malone and everyone on set had to duck for cover a gun shot was let off. Behind The ScenesContinue reading “Maybe Brooklyn is not the place to show off your C-Walk?”

Transit announce their new album on Rise Records

  via:   Transit will release their new full-length Listen & Forgive on October 4, 2011 via Rise Records; it’ll be their debut for the label and follow-up to 2010’s Keep This to Yourself Click below for the cover art and track listing. Live video of a song from the album entitled “Long Lost Friends” has been circulating online. 1. You Can’t Miss ItContinue reading “Transit announce their new album on Rise Records”