Eyes Set to Kill premiere their new album streaming in it’s entirety.



(click the link to hear the album)

Our friends in Eyes Set to Kill are releasing their fourth full-length, White Lotus (Maphia), tomorrow. But here you can hear the album, in its entirety, right now. Frontwoman Alexia Rodriguez fills us in on the album below. Look for more about the record, including a different interview with  Alexia, in the September/October issue of Revolver, which will be available everywhere on August 16 .

REVOLVER What did you want to do differently on this album compared to past Eyes Set to Kill releases?
ALEXIA RODRIGUEZ In the past, we have had other guitarists write along with me. This is the first time I got to write both guitars and follow through with my own vision without having anyone else go against it.

What did Cisko Miranda bring to the group, creatively?
With our past members, I was the dominant one creatively. Cisko has been the only one I could write with without fighting or having intense creative differences.

How did doing your solo album inform how you, as a band, created this album?
I have always been the main writer of Eyes Set to Kill, and I knew that some of the songs I was writing wouldn’t fit under our name. So I put these songs such as “Come Home,” “Memories,” and “Still Here” under my solo name. But as I recorded those songs on my own, I learned that Eyes Set to Kill fans could appreciate my acoustic songs, so that’s why I covered some songs acoustically on White Lotus and did an acoustic version of our new song, “Harsh.”

Why did you want to cover of Hole’s “Doll Parts” and Nirvana’s “Polly”?
I really wanted our fans to get to know who we are as musicians. We grew up on ’90s alternative rock, and Hole and Nirvana were both my favorite bands. They both influence me tremendously. I love Courtney Love’s voice and attitude and I love Kurt Cobain’s intellect in his lyrics and the originality of his guitar playing. A lot of people don’t respect him as a guitarist. I really believe he’s one of the best songwriters of my time, especially since his influences were the Beatles and the Byrds.

What about the acoustic version of “Harsh”?
We play a lot of random acoustic gigs, so I thought it would be rad for the fans to hear that song the way I wrote it, and the way I will perform it on my own. We always try to include the fans as much as possible into our music. That’s why we took two of our old EP songs and rewrote them for this release. Those songs used to be called “Pure White Lace” and “This Love You Breathe.” But they are now called “Erasing Everything” and “The Secrets Between.”

What are you proudest of about the album?
I’m most proud of Cisko’s vocals. These are the first recordings we have had so White Lotus should be a treat for our fans since they have only heard him live and through YouTube. [Laughs]

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