NEW ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT: Eskmo(Welder) to release new album

Via altsounds:
September 26th will see the release of “Florescence” from artist, Welder. Brendan Angelides, aka Welder, aka Eskmo, aka Ancestor Media is releasing his second album under the synonym of Welder, the first LP being “Vines and Stream” (2006).
The record was written over a period of four months, from December 2010 to March 2011 and encapsulates the emotional and life changing shifts Angelides was experiencing.
The music is an atmospheric fusion of what has been described as an exploration of the sonic and emotional spectrum. Using a wide array of sound the album features piano, strings, drums, mandolins, synths and electric bass all polished off with Angelides idiosyncratic style and flair.You can download a FREE MP3 on their website now!


1. Run
2. Yellow Yellow
3. L…Carousel…C
4. Japan
5. Rusten Sienna
6. I Still
7. Be My Light
8. Skybend
9. Florescence
10. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
11. Winter In the Hills

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