Nikki Lynette Releases Free Mixtape. Get It Now!






sRapper Nikki Lynette has released a free mixtape. She has….fuck it, we will just let her tell you herself:

Hi. I’m Nikki Lynette, a rapper/singer/producer from Chicago. This project is the deluxe version of my latest mixtape, entitled “Roses N’ Guns 2: The BADDER ASSED mixtape that rocks (The Rematch.) It contains 18 songs and is the follow up to last year’s Roses N’ Guns which was presented by This download also includes an art book that contains all the lyrics to my songs. Yeah…I do art, too. This mixtape, which is presented by and VSOP Studios, includes features from DweleKrayzie Bone, Jav June, and I Fight Dragons. The rest of it is just me singing & rapping by myself. I don’t need a whole bunch of people to vouch for me.


Fans of my music can currently hear my tunes featured on shows on MTV, VH1, and Showtime. However, if you wanna stay updated on my music, events, and other junk I’m into, you can talk to me on Facebook (I’m literally there all day, I need to stop) or email me at

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