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Jay-z vs Dolly Parton Mash up.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Announce Birth of Daughter Blue Ivy

It’s official. Congrats to Hov and Bey on the birth of Blue Ivy Carter. Via statemnet from Beyonce’s website:

Hello Hello Baby Blue!

We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012.

Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful, we are in heaven.

She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs and it was the best experience of both of our lives.

We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.

– Beyoncé & JAY Z

Congrats to the couple. Check out S dot Carter’s song he put up for his daughter:

At The Drive- In To Reunite

2012 is already better than 2011. Proof? At The Drive- In posted this to twitter yesterday:


“¡ ATTENTION ! To whom it may concern: AT THE DRIVE-IN will be breaking their 11 year silence THIS STATION IS …NOW…OPERATIONAL,

See you at a show!

10 Questions With: The Calling Card

Can you tell us a little bit about the formation of The Calling Card?

Benj – I was originally just playing acoustic shows with Ceri Collins (The Nothing) and then we both decided to do full bands. I got in Hobnob from and old band i used to go and watch then after a year or so we finally came up with the lineup we have today

Steve – I joined the calling card early last year, Before joining there have been a few different member’s that have decided to do different things and project’s but as we are now as a whole I wouldn’ t change it for anything.

As a musician, when was it that you decided that this is what you wanted to do with your life?

Benj – From childhood. My Mum was always really into Bowie so was always playing music in the house growing up. Then getting into bands when your a kid like Oasis and realising yeh this is definatly for me!

Steve – I always listened to rock music for as long as I can remember, my parents were into classic rock, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi Guns ‘N’ Roses etc, And listening to riff’s like welcome to the jungle always made me want to play a guitar. So one day my parents bought me a guitar as an easter present and i never put it down, so i guess it was like a childhood dream that made me want to do this or when i listened to the album appetite for destruction.

So how did you guys get to the band title The Calling Card?

Benj – From the film Batman begins. Im a huge geek what can i say!

For unfamiliar readers, can you tell them what you sound like?

Benj – Because we all have such a varied music taste we dont sound exactly like anyone. If you had to pigeon hole us I guess its a mix of bands like Biffy, Lower Than Atlantis and Feeder. classic sounding songs with big in your face guitars.

What band have you enjoyed touring/playing live with the most since your formation and why?

Steve – The Dolts, purely for the fact the gig venue was empty but they went for it in some fine style and were a cool bunch of guys to hang out with.

Benj – Probably Alkaline Trio. They are such a well respected band so to be asked to support them was a big honer. playing with Zebrahead was great as well as they all stuck around through our set was were really supportive of us afterwards.

As an upcoming band, what makes you stand out above the rest?

Benj – Because we mean it more than most bands. We will never play a show where we play half hearted. Even though we dont sound like them we are influenced by bands like gallows and letlive that really get into every show and dont leave an inch of the venue untouched. In a song like “Liars, Fakers, Frauds and Thieves” When i sing the words “We dont need your cliques, being Brutal, scene or hip or cool or Sic” we mean everyword.

Steve – I think we stand out from other band’s as we have a broad variety of song’s each different to the next but we have a distinct sound about us that keeps our music fresh and enjoyable.

You guys are currently working on new material right? Can you tell us a bit about how that is going?

Steve – Yeah it’s going great. We have a fair few new song’s slightly different to our older stuff but still The Calling Card. Some song’s packing a bit of a punch and some good enough for a Bit of a sing-along so I guess it would be best to buy the album on release and tell us how you feel about the new material.

Benj – There will definitely be some surprise on the album thats for sure. Maybe the odd guest as well.

How would you say it compares to your previous material?

Steve – It’s hard to say really because, we have kept our sound and style but also we have changed a lot as well, It’s a lot crisper and versatile to the old album but we have kept a certain style about it to keep it ourselves.

Benj – Maybe im biased because I wrote the songs but to me there is no filler on the album. every song was written with the intention of it being a single. yet the whole album will work as an album as well.

What is the most challenging part about putting together a new song?

Benj – Well I usually write the song on an acoustic guitar then take it to the band to see what they think of it, then if they are into it we rework it and get it to work within our sounds. Everyone is so comfortable with each other now that we know what will work within each song without trying to force it.

Steve -Keeping Hob in time! Ha Ha, no I think the hardest part overall is the initial structure of the song and putting all the instruments together in time. Although timing is an element at the start of any song with any band, Correcting sound’s and tones of the guitars/ bass etc is the hardest part.

What do you want 2012 to do for the status of The Calling Card?

Steve – Overall in 2012 I would like to have more fans more tour opportunities and potentially being signed to a label, But in saying that i think i speak for all up and coming band’s.

Benj – I just want us to get this album out and for people to realise that we are the real deal. Far to many bands sound identical right now. We want people to listen to us and collectively say “now thats what we have been waiting for!”

Introducing our newest monthly article: THE FOUNDRY

Head over to our “Features” page and check out our newest monthly article, The Foundy, written by Patrick Birchall. In his own words:

Good-day and welcome to the foundry, a monthly look at the new and emergent trends in metal. Expect album reviews, artist profiles and if I can pull it off, interviews. My name is Patrick Birchall and when I’m not listening to music I’m well… not listening to music. You get the idea, on with the show!

10 Questions with The Dead Betas

Who is answering the questions?  
Tobias Monsters and Aidan Sugaboi
Can you tell us a little bit about the formation of The Dead Betas?  
The Dead Betas formed when Aidan was due to record my failed acoustic band, i forgot to tell him not to come over and  turned up to my house, i told him it was all over and he asked me to appear on his electronic solo project, and for the next 3 weeks, we drank rum, wrote music and recorded to electronic backing tracks! About 3 months later we pulled in a band for our live sound.

As a musician, when was it that you decided that this is what you wanted to do with your life?  

Tobias: I had just split from a long term realtionship, i had screwed up college and was stuck living life as a builder… so it was all i had to live life to it’s full, and i went nuts making it happen. Trust me, when you have nothing else going for you, music becomes your life!So how did you guys get to the band title The Dead Betas? 
Basically, old punks were known as Dead Beatsm and when you are diabetic (which aidan is) your Beta cells in your pancrias die… and so, The Dead Betas.

For unfamiliar readers, can you tell them what you sound like?
Well, we’ve been described as “Ritalin-dodging, adrenaline-fuelled, synth-smashing, electronic-smattered punks” but we call it synth-punk, like UK Subs and Black Flag meets Mindless Self Indulgence and Duran Duran.
What band have you enjoyed touring the most with since your formation and why? 

Call The Doctor, they are like female fronted jerky girl punk band, and they are just the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with, i think there is a band romance for life, we hope to record in the spring and one of our songs need a female vocal, Patti (Call The Doctor front woman) is a prime candidate for the part! Best band in Bristol!

As an upcoming band, what makes you stand out above the rest?  
We work like no-one else we know, we have a bit of a monopoly on the NorthDevon music scene with our promotions company Black Hole which has given us contacts UK wide. We’ve always been as DIY as possible with our recordings and gigs and still manage to get some great slots. Our mix of old school punk and modern synth is exciting and we give it the shit on stage, we’ve left many an audience terrified but wanting more! Our ability to put together a 21 day UK tour and pull it off with no help showed the haters that when you want it like we do, you can do it!
In a kind of reference to the last question, what would you say is the hardest factor about being in an upcoming band?  
Touring is hard, it’s almost impossible to bleed money out of promoters for a gig in a Betas virgin town. And we really are skint! Most of all, its getting people to care about what we do. The competition is vast, so whether its talent, stage presence or promotional tallent you really need something to stand out!
Aidan: I have never met anyone that can twist the truth blag like Tobias, if that boy needs something done for us, he’ll find a way to do it
What track of yours currently means the most to you and why?  
Bideford College is one of our well known songs locally, having been banned from bandcamp it’s a controvertial one. Basically, we were in full support of an anti bullying campaign that had arrisen in the school we both attended and we wrote an all out offensive and confrontational song to make a point. We come from a rough little town overun with kids beating up “emo’s” for a laugh and it was time for a change! And the fact it was aimed the song  at the local schools inability to help the cause actually pulled together all the kids into something they could all laugh at. So whether you were a chav or an emo, you could laugh at the song, creating a common ground for everyone… which also royally annoyed the school, and strangely enough made them up the anti bullying game!
As 2011 has just ended, looking back now, can you give us one or two of your proudest achievements from that year? 

One of our proudest moments of 2011 was getting back off a 21 day UK tour to tell people it was a success. We were told time and time again it would be rubbish and we would never pull it off without proper management and a PR company and we managed to pull it off. Just before we went on tour we walked round all of our local towns with a money box asking for donations to help us pay for petrol and stuff, we made enough money to pay for half our fuel because so many local businesses and people knew us from running Black Hole and giving their son’s, daughters and other relatives gig slots. So when we came home after a successfull tour and hundreds of new fans, having nearly sold out of 7″ vinyl ep’s and t-shirts, we were able to say this band from the middle of knowwhere did something!
What do you want 2012 to do for the status of The Dead Betas?  
We would love to get playing a few festivals, tour a couple more times and play to new people! We just want you to listen to what we have to offer! If by the end of 2012 we can say, we played a couple festivals, did our 2nd UK tour and have a few new fans, we’ll be happy! If we can be millionaires with an album in every CD player in the country we’ll be happier!
For more information on The Dead Betas you can check out their facebook here: