10 Questions with N.O.

Breaking Music Magazine recently got to catch up with Brooklyn rapper N.O. about his upcoming projects, love for hip hop and more. Check it out!
BREAKING MUSIC MAGAZINE:  If you were in an elevator with us and only had 10 seconds to tell us about yourself and your music. What would you say?
N.O.: My music is my therapy and I’m just lyrically gifted (pats himself on the back) , so I just want that respect and make good music
BMM: What kind of music and artists did you listen to growing up? What artists are you feeling right now?
N.O.: I grew up listening to Nas, Jay-Z, Em, Shyne, Royce da 5’9, Beastie Boys, and a bunch others, right now I’m feeling Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, Wale, J.Cole, Slaughterhouse
BMM: When do you first start rapping?
N.O.: First started rapping on a consistent basis around 17 on the porches to the cyphers, hit the studio at 18
BMM: How did the name N.O. come about?
N.O.: Its initials for my full name and also stands for New Order,
BMM:  How is the rap game in NYC changing? Is it better or worse than a couple of years ago?
N.O.: NYC rap game is on the rise once again, it never was going anywhere , now there are rappers blowing up like Asap Rocky, French Montana and the veterans like 50, Fab, Jay still putting out constant music
BMM: Are you currently signed to a label? If not are you speaking with any labels right now?
N.O.: I’m not signed , I was speaking to a few labels personally but im pulling back and waiting for the DJ to drop my mixtape , then I’ll see where im headed
BMM: What’s the new mixtape all about? When does it drop and what tracks should we look out for?
N.O.: My MIxtape is all about being real with the listeners and myself, plus some tits and shit jokes, it drops soon, hopefully first or second week of January, hosted by DJ Mr.Rogers
BMM:  How did the collab with Chevy Woods come about?
N.O.: I just hit up his team, and it was before he started to become really known in the mainstream, had his verse for the song since last January of 2011, added my verse and put my homie Purp on it , produced by Jahlil Beats
BMM: Besides the new mixtape, what should fans be looking out for in 2012 ?
N.O.: I want to see this mixtape drop and the reaction, then ill get back to work, but 2012 is the year for me and my team, its time.
BMM: Thanks for doing the 10 questions with us. Any last words for everyone out there?
N.O.: You could follow my new made twitter account @N2TheO, and if you could Spit then you could Spit, aint about race or religion,  I’m 19 and Jewish, that being said, don’t want no mac miller comparisons, its 2 different lives and that makes for different music

2 thoughts on “10 Questions with N.O.

  1. ha. no mac miller comparisons.
    I’ll definitely listen in on his tape when it drops. I dig what he is about as a person.

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo

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