10 Questions With: The Calling Card

Can you tell us a little bit about the formation of The Calling Card? Benj – I was originally just playing acoustic shows with Ceri Collins (The Nothing) and then we both decided to do full bands. I got in Hobnob from and old band i used to go and watch then after a yearContinue reading “10 Questions With: The Calling Card”

Introducing our newest monthly article: THE FOUNDRY

Head over to our “Features” page and check out our newest monthly article, The Foundy, written by Patrick Birchall. In his own words: Good-day and welcome to the foundry, a monthly look at the new and emergent trends in metal. Expect album reviews, artist profiles and if I can pull it off, interviews. My nameContinue reading “Introducing our newest monthly article: THE FOUNDRY”

10 Questions with The Dead Betas

Who is answering the questions?   Tobias Monsters and Aidan Sugaboi Can you tell us a little bit about the formation of The Dead Betas?   The Dead Betas formed when Aidan was due to record my failed acoustic band, i forgot to tell him not to come over and  turned up to my house, i toldContinue reading “10 Questions with The Dead Betas”