10 questions with Blood Tribe

Breaking Music Magazine recently sat down with metal act Blood Tribe to talk about the band, their career and their current album. Check it!

Breaking Music Magazine – Blood Tribe is a really different name. How did it come about?

Blood Tribe – When our drummer was a kid,. his grandmother told him that when the world ends you will be able to look up at the sky and see an ocean of blood. The blood in the ocean is from all the people who died in the wars of our world. The last remaining survivors of our world, who can look up at the sky and see the ocean are called the Blood Tribe.

BMM – There tend to be a lot of sub-genres in your genre. How do you classify your music?

BT – We like to call it meth metal.

BMM – You guys have been in the scene for a while now, how has the scene changed since you started and do you like where it’s going?

BT – In my opinion the scene where we live is tough. It has declined and we do not like where it is going.

BMM – You guys are pretty heavy, when you are writing music, is there a conscious decision to be heavy or is it natural? How does the songwriting happen?

BT – It is natural, nothing is planned and what is written is what flows naturally.

BMM – What can people expect at a live show?

BT – Start to finish aggressive music. No clean singing, no sermons and people who love metal playing music for other people that love metal.

BMM – Tell us a bit about the album you have out and the album you are working on?

BT – Repulse, the album we have out on Dark Harvest Records is our second release. It includes “In Fair Verona” which we shot our first video for. You can check that out on Youtube. The new EP has a couple of working titles, and will have around six songs. The first single will be on the soundtrack for the movie “Three Tears on Blood Stained Flesh.”

BMM – Can we get a top 5 list of artists in your genre that we need to check out?

BT – Here are five metal bands you should check out. Our friends in Origin, Battlecross, Aeageon, Reaping Asmodeia and United By Hate.

BMM – When you guys tour, do you have a favorite record that everyone agrees to listen to? What about any guilty pleasures?

BT – We don’t really have favorites but the majority of what we listen to is Alice In Chains, Beatles, Lynard Skynard, Mastadon, Iron Maiden, Queen, Led Zeppelin and KISS. Our guilty pleasures would be: R. Kelly, Tech 9 and Snoop Dogg.

BMM – A lot of hardcore bands are covering pop and hip hop songs lately. Do you guys do that? What do you think of the trend and do you have a favorite?
We play Blood Tribe covers. We are not into it, don’t cross the streams.

BMM -What does the rest of the year look like for you guys?

BT – Recording the new EP and shooting a video in October. We will be touring in November and preparing for the the end of the world in Dencember. Haha.

Check out the lyric video for their new single “REFLECTIONS”

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