10 Questions with Far ‘n’ Hate


Spanish metal band Far ‘n’ Hate have been tearing it up all over Europe lately, so we decided to sit down with the band for a little game of 10 questions:

Breaking Music Magazine – Hey guys, first off, thanks for sitting down with us. Can you tell us a little bitabout the area of Spain you are from? What is the music scene like?

Far ‘n’ Hate – Hello, thanks to you for interviewing us. We are from la Costa Brava in Catalunya in the eastern coast of the country. Costa Brava means “rugged or wild coast” referring to the rugged landscape of the Mediterranean coast. The music scene here is growing a lot right now. We always have been late in everything haha and in music more. We can say that Spain is a very “classical” country, but since two or three years ago there are starting to be great new metal bands who play all the modern genres of metal, from metalcore to post-whatever… and the scene right now is quite good.

BMM – What’s behind the name Far ‘n’ Hate?

FNH – Well, almost all the bands in the world start the project practicing a lot and then comes the day when the first concert is almos there and you start with the band mates: “dudes we need to find a name” haha and then is when the first 100 names are a big shit or one member didn’t like it, or all the “cliche” things come…till one member says something that everybody loves …and the thing is that one of us said: “fahrenheit” Because in our rehersal room was soooo hot…all of us love it but we wanted to find something with more sense and it came to our mind to make
a play on words and make it Far ‘n’ Hate. For us it’s kind of like when someone fucks you (not in the sexual way haha) you can forgive but never forget, so this stays far in you but you always remember and the anger comes in you when you think about that…I hope that you get what we mean haha!

BMM – You guys seem like a pretty fun group of guys both onstage and off for a band that is so heavy. Do you ever surprise people by not being the stereotypical angry guy band?

FNH – Yes, a lot of times. We are who we are and we are how we are, so we just act like we are, that’s it. For us playing or listening to metal has nothing to do with being taught or angry. We respect that every musician or band do the things they feel, that’s for sure. We are normal guys that like to have fun, and we prove it in our shows. There is nothing in this world that we enjoy more than being on stage!

BMM – Would you say your music or your band has an overall message?

FNH – No. Some of the lyrics talk about the destruction of the planet by humans…and are critical with humanity in general, that is why the album is called “from Death comes Life” wich means that if it comes to the day that all the humans die the planet maybe has a new opportunity to be ok and have peace because there will not be humans to fuck things up haha. Some other are more personal and about things that every person can feel identified with…

F'n'H New

BMM – Can you tell us a bit about your next project and what the writing process is like for you guys?

FNH – Of course. It is going to be an EP. We are just finishing the writing process. t’s going to be really personal. We are very happy with the new songs and how they sound. We can advance you that there are going to be a couple of nice surpreises on it, so be ready for it.

BMM – We always gotta ask because we love lists: What are your all time 5 favorite bands?

FNH – We all have pretty different musical tastes even that we all love metal and almost all the different genres of it. It is really hard to tell you just one band but as you asked us for 5 bands we are going to tell each member favourite band: Andrew (guitar): Slipknot, Jona (drums): Textures, Joan (guitar): Tool, Johnny (bass): Avenged Sevenfold and Marc (vocals): Killswitch Engage.

BMM –  You have toured in several countries already and have more planned including a possible trip to the United States. Have you noticed any major cultural differences from town to town or country to country? Where is your favorite place to play and are there any cities you are dying to play that you haven’t yet?

FNH – Yes. You find a lot of cultural differences in every country. As we said here things are pretty fucked up haha we love to play in different countries because we love to meet new people and see how they react with our shows and the way they treat us. It’s a shame but it’s always like this, they treat you with more respect and better in foreign countries that in your own. People seem to appreciate more what we do out of our country…here we say: “you’ll never become a profet in your own land” (I don’t know if you understand the meaning) also because modern metal and metal in general is a lot more popular outside Spain, here all this is quite “new”. In our country, if we have to choose one place, we love to play in Valencia, we always enjoy a lot our shows there and the crowd is awesome. We also love home shows, here in our area the scene is great, it grew a lot in the last two years. There are a bunch of kids that are insane and love to mosh haha We also love to play in Portugal, our first time there wile we were playing we had the faces like: Whaaaat! The crowd was brutal, there were the craziest moshpits and headbangings we have
ever seen! Haha Our dream always have been to play in your country. To tour The States will be our dream come true. Also Germany, UK and Sweden are countries we are dying to play in and we are lucky because in a couple of months we are playing there. Paris is also a place where we really want to play and also soon we will do it…But we are really happy and we love to play in every single town, city, country… that we have the chance to play in.

live 1

BMM – You’ve played several large festivals. Do you have a favorite festival or maybe one you haven’t played that you would love to play?

FNH – If we have to pic a festival we can say that Gothoom Open Air 2012 in Slovakia was, not just the best festival but the best experience of our life as a band. We had the honor of sharing the stage with Behemoth, Septicflesh, Skyforger, Doomas…we were fascinated first of all with the location of the festival. It was surrounded by mountains, there was a lake behind the stage, it was a paradise! The staff was very professional, the organization was superb, the photographers were so profesional and the audience was the best ever. Also BN Fest in Barcelona was fantastic, we played with Texas in July, one of our fave bands…there are a lot of festivals that we would love to play: In Europe: Grasspop in Belgium, Hellfest in France, With Full Force in Germany, Download Fest in England…We dream to play in USA festivals like Mayhem Fest, California Metal Fest, Uproar Festival…Soundwave fest in Australia is also an awesome festival…the list is too long haha.

BMM – When bands tour they play music for an hour or two a night but have to live in a van with each other for the other 22 hours. How is touring together? Do you get on each others nerves? Anyone have any annoying habits?

FNH – It’s great. We are a family and we never have problems or fights. We sometimes get nervous when we are late to arrive to the nest venue or for how people drieve in other countries haha but nothing personal. No one has annoying habits the only problem we have is the farts in the van cause of the shitty diet on tour haha

BMM – Thanks again for doing this. We really dig the music. What does 2013 look like for Far ‘n’ Hate?

FNH – Thanks to you for taking your time for interviewing us and for the kind words. 2013 looks pretty good: new album, a lot of touring around Europe and our home country and thanks to The FOCOTheory Agency, the possibility of making our dream reality and come to tour USA for the first time next summer!

You can check out Far ‘n’ Hate at https://www.facebook.com/FarnHate , chat them up on twitter at www.twitter.com/farnhate, and listen to their album on http://farnhate.bandcamp.com/

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