Breaking Music Magazine – So the band is just the two of you? How did that come about? Does the name reflect that? V5 – In the past, we’ve played with several other bands and musical acts. However, we had trouble maintaining a steady line-up, so we decided to strip it down to the twoContinue reading “10 QUESTIONS WITH V5”


In Dynamics IN DYNAMICS ? They most certainly are, and going from strength to strength from previous projects, these guys are unstoppable . Their approach to their music is fast paced and punchy and certainly keeps you on your toes. After watching the video to ‘STAY’, i was immediately convinced that these guys will goContinue reading “IN DYNAMICS REVIEW”

Alexander Review

Alexander This fresh faced foursome certainly got me fooled when the curtain lifted on their performance. As soon as I pressed play I was hit with a wave of confidence that pulsed through every part of this amazing album. Every track emanates colour and passion to their craft, taking you on a journey that notContinue reading “Alexander Review”