In Dynamics


IN DYNAMICS ? They most certainly are, and going from strength to strength from previous projects, these guys are unstoppable .
Their approach to their music is fast paced and punchy and certainly keeps you on your toes.

After watching the video to ‘STAY’, i was immediately convinced that these guys will go far in this industry as their imagination and ingenuity shone through in every part of the song, and there it was right in front of my eyes.
The video is very cleverly done, and was painstakingly filmed and directed by the extremely talented Bertie Wrench after coming up with this amazing concept. Once recorded it was then played backwards for our enjoyment, leaving the lads the hard task of having to learn and lip sync everything backwards in real time and although done before, this only shows me the passion and dedication these guys have for their craft.
The track itself boasts an energy that’s second to none that not only would pull a crowd but would certainly keep any audience glued to the stage and increase their fan base.


The track Oceans although a more down tempo piece is beautifully crafted and has a clever play on words throughout and very parabolic in nature and creative. It sets a mood that certainly makes you think.

Alive: certainly lives up to its name from start to finish as its energy courses through your veins giving you hit after hit of the adrenalin it produces.

She Radiates: to me is the track that really demonstrates this new dynamic sound that gave birth to the name In Dynamics as it produces that vibe throughout the song leaving any LIVE audience thrown against a wall punching the air for more.

Through Strength And Craft: is a song with attitude and an energy that leaves you breathless trying keeping up with the pace and a must see first hand on stage as you ride their tidal wave of sound .


I have said it before and I will proudly say it again as nothing has changed, these guys have a truly amazing full house of vocals and harmonies to die for, it takes the band to dizzy heights in the listening experience and to see these guys LIVE is a MUST especially when you see the power house that is Jack Wrench in the engine room at the back pounding those skins with the solid bass techniques of brother Will Wrench complimenting to the full. Take that along with the amazing lead guitar and vocals of Beau Boulden, this all forms a really tight package that takes it all to another level.

Over all, this is an album so well put together its at risk of busting apart at the seems with the enthusiasm and energy that went in to it.
Each and every song is well set out at and truly beautifully crafted.
The end result is something to be proud of both from the artist and the fans buying it.

So go on , give it a try , you’ll be silly not to .
In Dynamics are here to stay and there will be plenty more where this came from .


If ever there was a song to tempt
the listener into buying this album
it would be ‘Stay’


Ian Davies

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