Breaking Music Magazine – So the band is just the two of you? How did that come about? Does the name reflect that?

V5 – In the past, we’ve played with several other bands and musical acts. However, we had trouble maintaining a steady line-up, so we decided to strip it down to the two of us because we know we’re dedicated and willing to put in the effort to make it happen. We came up with the name “Version 5” because it’s our fifth band (clever right?).

Breaking Music Magazine – Whats it like being brothers and being in band? do you guys ever fight?

V5 – Yeah. we definitely disagree all the time, but it’s the fact that we are able to resolve conflicts that we feel separates us from the majority of other bands. It’s also our disagreements in our music tastes that led us the genre that we’re in. Besides, being brothers seems like a pretty cool niche.

Breaking Music Magazine – what’s the music scene like where you live?

V5 – In Minnesota, the music scene revolves around Minneapolis, so bands from all over the state go there to play, and a bunch of genres collide. Where we’re at, outside of St. Cloud, we feel most of the music is dominated by cover bands, or original hardcore metal bands. From what we’ve experienced, our genre seems to be unfulfilled here in Minnesota.


Breaking Music Magazine – I see that you guys are putting up a lot of video content. Where do the ideas come from? How often are you doing it? Tell us about them.

V5 – Well, besides being into music, Spncer makes short films and does freelance film work, so the videos were a natural progression for us. The band’s “Version 5 TV” is just another outlet for film efforts and makes it fun for the both of us. Our biggest influences come from other online video logs and YouTube personalities like Ray William Johnson and DeFranco. We take that whole idea and mix it with Jackass and early CKY style videos, and recently we’ve been releasing new content every week, whether it’s a new song, music video, or photoshoot. Along with that, we’ve been trying to release a new video log every two weeks or so to keep our fans updated.

Breaking Music Magazine – You also just put out a video for your single? How did that come about? Did you do it yourself?

V5 – Yes! We just finished up and released the “official” music video for our single “Last Ride”. The lyrical content of the song is about someone liberating themselves from thinking the same as everyone else, or being “brainwashed”. We portrayed that in the video by showing the character mindlessly watching our music and deciding instead to break free. We had some help with the filming of the video from a local photographer and friend, but everything else was done by us.


Breaking Music Magazine – With just the two members, how do you do the live show ?

V5 – We play over prerecorded drums and use electronic pads and a variety of other midi devices to trigger and incorporate sounds, synths, and other tracks. Andy, who plays guitar, maintains a live rock feel to the show, whereas Spencer is responsible for triggering most of the effects, and is influenced by DJs and electronic music. Together, we’re able to create a huge sound coming from only two people, and manage to have a unique and energetic live feel.

Breaking Music Magazine – What’s the rest of the year look like for you?

V5 – Our main goal is to finish up and release an EP within the next few months, which will include our two already released tracks “Last Ride” and “My Addiction”. Besides that, we want to get out and start playing more shows and polish up our live act. You can also expect us to keep putting out video logs, music videos, and other content throughout the year.

Breaking Music Magazine – if you could put together a festival with any bands/ acts, what would it look like? who would you like to see re-unite to do a reunion show at it?

V5 – Andy- I’m a rock n’ roll guy, so I’d love to play with bands like The Who, GnR, Alice in Chains, and Godsmack. Those are my primary influences, and even though we play a different genre than them, I feel like like elements of my style are attributed to those guys.
V5 – Spencer – I’m definitely more electronic music based than my bro. If I we’re putting on a festival, I’d want to see Gary Numan, Nine Inch Nails, and maybe even deadmau5 or someone completely electronic based. Yeah I listen to a wide variety of musical genres, but I feel like most of my musical influence for this band comes from artists like these.

The combination of our two music styles led us to play industrial rock.


Breaking Music Magazine – aside from being the band, what other hobbies do you guys have?

V5 – Like we mentioned above, film making is a passion of ours (mostly Spencer). Everything else we enjoy doing is portrayed in our video logs, skateboarding, hangin’ on the lake, and just messin’ around. In general, I’d say we’re fans of any extreme sport.

Breaking Music Magazine – Lie to us about your band name and how you formed. try to include superpowers please. If you do a good job you can also plug anything you would like afterwards. Thank you.

V5 – Growing up in the Klondike during the gold rush, there weren’t many musical opportunities for Andy and Spencer Olson. Together they saved enough money to purchase a didgeridoo, which is their true instrumental passion. If it wasn’t for the freak Yeti accident of ’78, Andy wouldn’t have gained his freak musical senses that soon lead to the creation of industrial rock music. They ditched the didgeridoo, being that it wasn’t a popular form of musical exploration at the time, and instead invested in drum machines. “Version 5”, which later became the name of the band, was the brand of pick axe that Spencer spent hours swinging in search of minute amounts of gold dust.

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