Bird Names Review

Bird Names


Psychedelic mayhem courses through the veins of this very different yet outstanding band . Their music has not only created a new sound but also a new genre to chalk up and is described as Gnarley Psychedelic Pop.

I have been trying to pin point another band or genre where this is similar , but this is where this project is clever as you cant , its original in its own right, so I am not going to compare this music with other artists as I feel it would be unfair to judge something so unique, but will leave it to you to form your own opinion.
This album along with the rest in the collection reflects the detailed and layered mind of David Lineal. This is reminiscent of the retro styles of the 60’s and 70’s giving a feel that flows to such a degree that order does not exist. But this is the clever part as this all works beautifully creating a style that is so unique its pushed the boundaries of music into another dimension .
The album “Naming Names” is as colourful as the artwork and in fact reflects every part of the album perfectly. So now its time for David and the gang to blow their own trumpet , to coin a phrase, and let the world know they have arrived.


There is something very childlike in the performance both vocally and musically taking you to places in your mind that you have long forgotten from childhood or even never knew existed.
If you are a first timer to Bird Names then my advice to you is to find an empty room free of visual distractions and a good pair of headphones and loose yourself for a while on what will be a journey of re-discovery.

This trio consists of David Lineal on guitar and vocals, Peter Nichols on bass and vocals and Alex Edgeworth on Drums and vocals and who’s influences consist of “ Captain Beef heart, Bob Wills, Dolly Mixture, Can , Ray price and Orange Juice”.
Based in Brattleboro Vermont David steers his musical genius to dizzy heights with a vast collection of 7 albums and although his music is totally out of my comfort zone the more I sit here trying to fathom out what to say the more I like what I hear as it most certainly grows on you as the whole album is unpredictable and possibly unappreciated by the masses so I say to you all, “give it a chance”


“Piedmont Spring”, track one on the album is the one that should be paid attention to the most as it has a certain strange aura about it enveloping the mind taking you to strange places yet aiding your decision about this band .
If you lean more towards the commercial flow of things then I’m afraid you will be disappointed as you are not going to find it here. But to help you along the way try
“Star Light” and “ ‘Flush It”.


Over all I am very impressed at the achievements of this band and wish them every success for the future hoping their continuous hard work brings them to a more mainstream audience.

MY SCORE……8/10

If ever there were 3 tracks to tempt
the listener into buying this album
they would be ……
“Star Light” “Flush it” and “Piedmont Spring”

Ian Davies


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