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Alexander Review



This fresh faced foursome certainly got me fooled when the curtain lifted on their performance. As soon as I pressed play I was hit with a wave of confidence that pulsed through every part of this amazing album. Every track emanates colour and passion to their craft, taking you on a journey that not only lifts the heart but resets the soul. Their music is reminiscent to care free days of ones youth if you are an older listener , as for the young , it has a certain calming influence set to tame the wildest heart.
These lads are certainly taking care of business, as what is seen in their live performance and on video is their passion and drive to succeed. Their music radiates colour in every corner of their genre creating a feeling that would lift the heaviest of hearts.

Pay close attention to “Say Hello” and “You Lost Yourself”as I feel these are the tracks that will certainly convince any new listener to the Alexander experience as both tracks take you on a melodic journey that keeps you on the edge of your seat before easing you back gently ready for another play.
These are closely followed by “A Sweet Song”, a beautifully crafted and lovingly delivered acoustic track and
“Without a Parachute” a great play on words with a powerful track to boot.


Hailing from Newcastle England, this talented foursome have already kicked up a storm with the release of their first single “You Lost Yourself” taken from the very same album featured here called “Say Hello” and are already on track for reaching their goal with flying colours.

The lads are influenced by “ Jimmy Eat World, Futures and Two Door Cinema club and with that in mind we can certainly look forward to more of the same in the future with energy packed albums to boot.

The line up consists of…….
Anth Snowdon – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Jamie Clark – Guitar
James Simpson – Bass
Andrew Michael – Drums

Anth certainly holds a tune beautifully with the tones that emanate from deep within as you can really feel the presence of every song as it leaves his lips, leaving the listening experience not only memorable but believable. On video this shines through as you can see it in every part of the passion he puts into his performance


Jamie’s guitar work throughout every song is not only well composed, but well thought out as it captures every nuance of every part of every song, giving it the spirit it greatly deserves,and adding the colour and feeling that you can tell comes from deep within.

James works his bass superbly with the drums creating a flawless marriage that would be the envy of any rhythm section.
Although playing in a more simplistic flow he creates a tight and well crafted performance giving the band the body it needs in every track.

Andrews performance on drums is just superb in every part of the word especially in “You Lost Yourself” as he powers through every song with ease along with his wing man James creating a rhythm section that’s second to none.
His fills and attention to detail certainly give the band the polish and professional touch that’s taking them forward giving them the edge that sculpts them.

In all, this band creates a very tight package of musical genius and you would be a fool to leave this one on the shelf

MY SCORE……9/10

If ever there were two songs to tempt
the listener into buying this album
they would be “say Hello” and “You Lost Yourself”


Ian Davies


Woodrowgerber Review



From the album of the same title “In The Beginning” was born, and now proudly hits the airwaves from the genius that is
“Chad Woodrowgerber”
Compared to the album this track has a rough and edgy feel to it musically, which works well with the mellow tones of the vocal line creating a perfect marriage. The use of sampling sets this track in to a league of its own and although not a track I would of generally chosen as the title track strangely this works beautifully because of this.
Although the video predominantly features all forms of boarding there seems to be no mention of this in the song. The way its portrayed visually is enough leaving you to draw your own picture in your mind . In this instance the song speaks of being tied down where the video shows the freedom that can be had.


From the moment I first pressed play I discovered that Chad’s detailed and very complex mind is certainly reflected in his work , and work he does as his dedication to the industry is a credit to him and really shines through.
Although much of his work is down tempo and slower paced there is a hidden energy lurking deep within.
Bringing us an 80’s feel musically and a 90’s vibe lyrically Chad has certainly hit on a new element with his material giving electronica a run for its money.


Chad has been performing since 1988 with his first airplay at the tender age of 18 and still gets air play across the states, UK,Australia and South America. Shortly after he was picked up by a Hip Hop duo taking him on tour as their guitarist.
Here Chad was able to cut his teeth in the industry and go from strength to strength eventually guesting on a compilation album and even writing the musical score for indie films and documentaries fast tracking him to the talent he is now.


MY SCORE……8/10

Ian Davies



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