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10 Questions With: Fast Fox



1. You guys are for Portland, OR. Who are some of your favorite bands out of your area?


Some of our favorite bands in the area are definitely Georggin Axium, and Kids. Everyone should look them up, for sure. We also played one of our very first shows with a band called Foreign Talks, they’re a bunch of cool dudes that make some great music.


2. You guys are a pop punk band, pop punk seems to making a come back with lots of great new bands. Do you guys see it this way? What do you think is the cause?


Yeah we’ve noticed pop punk making its comeback. It seems like music does that a lot, goes through waves where a type of music will fade away for a while after being so popular for a stretch. I think it’s just cause something new enters the scene and diverts everyone’s attention away for a while, and once that gets old, people remember and return to the good stuff. But pop punk is one of those genres that will always be around, it’s just too good to disappear entirely. We’ve always been true fans of pop punk ourselves, and it just feels like there’s pockets of diehard fans everywhere that keep it from resting on the back burner for too long.


3. If you could tour with one legendary pop punk/ punk band and one up and coming pop punk band, what would the tour look like?


Blink-182 has been our favorite band for as long as we’ve all liked music, so touring with them would be a no-brainer. Especially since they seem like they have a blast on tour, and we’re always up to fun and mischief ourselves as well. I think a tour with us and them would be non-stop energy, totally infectious and wild. The Story So Far is making good music and seems like a cool group of guys, so add them to the mix and I think the tour would be that much more awesome.


4. You have an album coming out soon. Can you tell us about it?


Our new EP “Raised by Wolves” is coming out September 1st. We actually recorded it in Seattle with producer Joe Reineke, who’s had a tremendously successful career in the music business, both as an artist as well as an engineer and producer. He’s an interesting guy, he’s super laid back and chill, but he’s also very demanding and a perfectionist. He wouldn’t let anything slide on this record, so he really brought out the best in us and made us better musicians and songwriters. So we really enjoyed working with him. The songs themselves on the EP are the best music that we’ve ever created, we couldn’t be more proud of how it all turned out. But that’s the plan for each of our new releases, to grow as a band and make it the best of our careers.


5. What’s the writing process like for you guys?


Sam starts the song writing process for each song by creating a guitar riff, and then we use that as the backbone to create the rest of the song musically. By now, the three of us have such strong chemistry together, that once we get that one guitar riff that we all fall in love with, the rest of the song just seems to come together. We create a rough recording of the new song, and John goes off and creates the the lyrics for the song and gives it a name, and when we he comes back, we have a completed song


6. You guys have been around since back in 2006. What are some of the biggest hurdles you’ve had as a band coming up the past few years?


We’ve come a long ways since 2006, it’s been a crazy ride. When we started, we were 17 and barley knew anything about writing music, we just loved music were really passionate about the bands we were into. The three of us have been friends our whole lives and we just wanted to do something meaningful and different together when we grew up. So we decided to start a band. We’ve gone through a lot as a band and as people during that time, but we’ve found a way to stick it out through those hard times, and learn from every experience. And it’s all those challenges and struggles that have really shaped the band and enabled us to hit our stride that we’re on now. And that’s exactly what “Raised By Wolves” means and is all about, being molded, or raised, by the things that seem the most difficult.


7. You guys got to record at the same place as Macklemore, Outkast, Jay- Z and R.E.M. What was that like?


It was really cool. The studio was unbelievable, and our producer Joe was an incredible source of knowledge. But honestly, I think the best part of the entire experience, was knowing that John took a shit on the same toilet as Macklemore. Not a lot of people can say that…


8. What’s your favorite venue to play?


Madison Square Garden…


Alright that might not be entirely true. The Hawthorne Theater here in Portland has such a great atmosphere and vibe to it. Each time we play it, we’re blown away with how amazing of an experience we have. And our fans really seem to enjoy it too, so we absolutely want to continue to play there.


9. What are the links to your social networks? Which one is your favorite to connect with fans or just play around on?


We tend to use Facebook the most. You can do a little bit of everything with it and everyone has one, so it’s easiest to reach people. Regardless of what social media we use, we make it a goal and a real point of emphasis to regularly humiliate our drummer Jamo. Making him look bad in front of a large number of people is a huge reason why we’re in this business.


10. What does the rest of 2013 look like for Fast Fox?


After releasing “Raised By Wolves” we just want to keep playing more gigantic shows, and continue to reach more people. It’s an exciting time for Fast Fox, and the momentum we’re building, is just going to continue to escalate. And we’re going to use that momentum to get right back at it with more new music and release our next EP.  And hopefully by year’s end, see at least one pair of boobies on Chat Roulette. We’ll see..


Turns Out Franz Ferdinand Are Still A Thing

 Franz Ferdinand are apparently still a band. Their new album Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action came out today. It’s actually pretty good. If you like tongue in cheek indie pop, these guys are still delivering.

New Crystal Fighters single coming out September 30th!

Crystal Fighters will release a new single called “LA Calling” on September 30th

‘LA Calling’ is the latest track to be taken from the London based trio’s second studio album ‘Cave Rave’ and follows on from the album’s lead single ‘You & I’ which was playlisted on BBC Radio 1 and has amassed up well over 1 million hits on YouTube.

Fast becoming a live favourite, the anthemic chorus of ‘LA Calling’ rings out over tribal drums and sun kissed melodies that typify Crystal Fighters’ unmistakable sound.

The new single pays homage to the process that Crystal Fighters underwent to complete ‘Cave Rave’. The band wrote the album in its entirety during a two-month spell in the Basque hills, their spiritual home. It was to Los Angeles that they then headed to record the new songs, with Grammy nominated producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen

2013 MTV VMA’S

I don’t know….does anyone still watch this shit? Let’s just not even write about it, ok? OK



10 Questions With: ETHAN HUNT


Recently, Breaking Music Magazine had the chance to sit down with one of the best MCs from Denver, CO. We asked Ethan Hunt 10 questions, here is what went down:

Breaking Music Magazine – Thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to us. Where did your stage name come from?

Ethan Hunt – My name came from the movie franchise “Mission Impossible”, I loved the spy concept and coming from Denver, Colorado and expecting to make it to the big leaves me with an Impossible Mission.

BMM – How long have you been doing music? How did you decide to make it a career?

EH – I have been writing poetry since the 3rd grade and I have been doing music for 10 years now. I knew when I was 5 years old that music would be my career because music is my life. I just stopped everything else and start focusing on the music.

BMM – Have you done and cool collabs in your career? Who’s your favorite collab you’ve done? Who would you love to collab with?

EH – I’ve done some collabs with some local artist from Colorado. I would love to do a song with Lupe Fiasco. That collab would be tremendous.
BMM –  Not a lot of Rappers come out of Denver. How is the music scene there?
EH – The music scene here is rising; I feel like in Colorado there isn’t a sound like the other places. Fans don’t really support local artist because there waiting for “the powers that be” to tell them what is hot or what to support.

BMM –  What are you listening to right now? What’s the best album or mixtape so far this year?
EH – I’m listening to Born Sinner, Magna Carter Holy Grail, and NoPain NoFame! I really don’t mess with mixtapes but anything Pusha T spits on I’m with.
BMM – What can you tell us about Mile High Bad Azz Entertainment?
EH – Mile High Badazz Entertainment is a local label out of Colorado. I recorded at their studio and did some collabs with some artist from B.A.E.
BMM –  Your lyrics can get very deep at times. What do you draw from? How have your lyrics been received?
EH – I draw from my life experiences and knowledge of self. I don’t want to be preachy but I need my message to be heard. It’s funny that you ask about how my lyrics are received. I’ve had so many people approach me and ask me who helped me write the songs or who wrote the songs. I take it as a compliment that people don’t think I can dig that deep. I love expressing my feelings .
BMM – Can we get your top 5 or even top 10 favorite MCs of all time?

EH –
1. 2pac




5. Dre 3000

6. Rakim

7. Lupe Fiasco

8.Big Boi

9.Kanye West

10.Ethan Hunt

BMM – What one song from your last album are you most proud of? What one song would you tell a new listener they have to go check out?

EH – I’m proud of the entire CD, but my favorite track is Flashbacks, the song I would tell the people to listen to is The Alpha Address. The CD takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.
BMM –  What does the rest of 2013 look like for you?
EH – 2013 looks bright; I plan on introducing my message and music to the world in 2013.

What We Are Listening To: Wylie – Go Hard

Turn this shit up!

Kendrick Lamar Destroys 2013 With One Verse

Kendrick Lamar King

Uh – Oh . Kendrick’s verse on Control is gonna set off some battles for sure. This is gonna be great for hip hop for sure.

I heard the barbershops be in great debates all the time
About who’s the best MC — Kendrick, Jigga, and Nas
Eminem, Andre 3000, the rest of y’all
New n—-s just new n—-s, don’t get involved
And I ain’t rockin’ no more designer shit
White Ts and Nike Cortez, this is red Corvettes anonymous
I’m usually homeboys with the same n—-s I’m rhymin’ wit
But this is hip-hop and them n—-s should know what time it is
And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale
Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake
Big Sean, Jay Electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller
I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you n—-s
Tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n—-s
They don’t wanna hear not one more noun or verb from you n—-s

Kendrick Lamar Control Verse