Lady Aphasia’s new album, “The Age of Transience” comes out on Heart Riot Records this month. Below is a review of the EP along with the premiere of the lead single “Something Needs to Change”. Listen to the song below and check out our review!

“Lady Aphasia EP Review: “The Age of Transience” (Heart Riot Records)

In the chorus of the opening track on her debut EP “The Age of Transience “Indie-pop singer Lady Aphasia mourns:

The heart in my chest will never be satisfied / but at least I can say I tried /something needs to change /

The rest of the four song EP reflects on love, loss and moving on and the perils that are associated with love, loss and the human experience. But that does not mean that Lady Aphasia is world weary, far from it; she is simply a bird who has lost her wings and hoping to recover from her fall. Her fear of changing comes with the absolute paralysis of staying the same, and becoming emotionally stagnant, and then only destruction can come from it.

My favorite song on the record is “Something Needs to Change” because of how busy and heavy the beat is in the opening sequence of the intro before the singing starts. I think that a catchy beat coupled with sincere, emotional lyrics make for an unforgettable jam that goes on repeat for many summer nights. The “Age of Transience” is interesting stylistically because of how the beat keeps driving the song forward while Lady Aphasia’s vocals hover over the instrumentals like a haunted ghost seeking its way to mend its broken heart.

Lady Aphasia’s music works because it is simple and and yet at the same time human; no exaggerated instrumentals here…just raw emotion about the joys and pitfalls of love and loss. From the sound of it, newcomer to the Cleveland rock circuit; Lady Aphasia is already a force to be reckoned with from the spin lights of rock and roll clubs of Cleveland and beyond! Be sure to like Lady Aphasia on Facebook and check out her new EP “The Age of Transience” which will be released in July 2015 by Heart Riot Records!


– Ryan Sagert
Staff Reviewer

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