Color IMD Impress with Debut Album

Once the dust has settled from the stampede of fans, racing for pole position at the front of the stage, the boys emerge dazzling us with their sounds of the summer and young love, projecting a musical visual of care free summer days in the sun, laced with music that paints that very picture. Almost falling into the Summer Rap category, if there is such a thing, Color is my drug certainly come close.
But it’s not all sweetness and light as there is another layer portrayed by the band, creating a double edged sword, with a more street angle on things, giving us something very different, as it resets your thought processes into a very different frame of mind.
Not letting Autism get in their way, the boys have just buried themselves into their music, giving it all they have got, as you will find in this amazing album “Under the Influence” (Take Daily) . Oozing with life experiences and telling you the way it is, Color IMD deliver a very action packed and lively performance at every gig as is evident with every crowds response Live and what you will find engrained into every CD you buy.
Formed in 2011 in Dallas, Texas this dynamic duo consisting of Aaron Fitch, and Regan McConnell have certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons, creating a style that’s multi genre orientated, as they blend electro rock with hip hop, in a pop country beat style, yet still falling into the category of “Hook Filled Electro Rock”. Both sharing the role on guitar and vocals the boys have been likened to the style of M.S.I.’s: Jimmy Euringer, and Queen’s: Freddie Mercury for Aaron and The Rolling Stones’: Mick Jagger, and The Doors’: Jim Morrison for Regan. With this in place and a very bright future ahead of them, we are all going to be privileged to some very dynamic shows in years to come.
At this very early point in their career and lives for that matter, Aaron and Regan have already pricked up the ears of Rock Superstar Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and turned the heads of many an accomplished musician such as Aerosmith’s touring keyboardist Russ Irwin.
Color IMD are making all the right choices and all the right noises in the market place as they plan to release a single entitled “Autism Sings” with a portion of the profits going to Autism awareness charities. This song will be about their personal experiences with the condition to help more people understand.
What has been displayed here in this band and this album is simple for everyone to understand, and that is Autism is not a condition ……….
it’s a talent in itself.
Well done boys , long may you reign.
My Score …… 7/10
My Suggestion ……
If ever there were two tracks to tempt the listener into buying this album, they would be …… “Beautiful You” and “Be my Money”.

Ian Davies Music Journalist and Director of Core Global Media
Core Global Media Ltd
Core Live

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