Ian Davis Reviews “In The Movies”, a Poem From Ryan Sagert’s Upcoming Book of Poetry.

In the Movies
This very contemporary piece reflects the work of a great observationalist as they take you through the realms of their mind with bullet pointed views of what they see. As if only viewing this subject though a window and only getting half the story, they fall prey to the term. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, to coin a phrase. Having said that, the simplicity of this piece, with its subtle humor makes for a good read, touching on the reminiscent, as we can all reflect on a friend with traits of a similar nature.

The subject in question here seems to be one who loves a personal spotlight and could even be one with Bi Polar, constantly seeking attention and recognition.
Having said that we can all fall in to this category when passionate about something in our lives.

With this said, this is a truly well written piece telling the tale of an individual with stars in their eyes.


Ian Davies
Author of classical and contemporary poetry

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