Renaissance Kids Announce ‘Another Life’ EP, Debut New Single

Metalcore newcomers, Renaissance Kids have announced their new four-track EP titled, Another Life set to releaseNovember 24th. The Denver based duo that consist of Christian Blakeli and Nikko Vincent formed in July of 2015 and soon entered the studio to record Another Life with legendary producer Cameron Mizell (Issues, Crown The Empire, Dream on, Dreamer). Along with theContinue reading “Renaissance Kids Announce ‘Another Life’ EP, Debut New Single”

Stream Karissa Pasquarella’s EP “My Mind Put Into Songs”

The alternative acoustic rocker Karissa Pasquarella is currently streaming her latest EP My Mind Put Into Songs. The debut EP, released this past summer, features six of her best, including her hit single, “Nonetheless Perfect”. “I tend to write catchy songs. Or at least I’d like to think they’re catchy. You know, songs that you canContinue reading “Stream Karissa Pasquarella’s EP “My Mind Put Into Songs””