Stream Karissa Pasquarella’s EP “My Mind Put Into Songs”


The alternative acoustic rocker Karissa Pasquarella is currently streaming her latest EP My Mind Put Into Songs. The debut EP, released this past summer, features six of her best, including her hit single, “Nonetheless Perfect”.

“I tend to write catchy songs. Or at least I’d like to think they’re catchy. You know, songs that you can sing along to the chorus and ones that will hopefully keep you interested. Of course I have songs that genuinely call for a more soft atmosphere and a slower, more relaxed vibe, but “upbeat” is more my style. I can classify my song “Nonetheless Perfect” to be one of those more “upbeat” songs.” – Karissa Pasquarella


Stream the album HERE or below.

Connect with Karissa Pasquarella:


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