BLONDE remix Martin Solveig’s – « +1 » (feat. Sam White)


UK duo Blonde have turned their remixing capabilities to French maestro Martin Solveig’s future house hit, “+1”.

The duo have more than proved their skill at working with vocals in the past, with “Feel Good (It’s Alright)” featuring Karen Harding, “I Loved You” with Melissa Steel, and “All Cried Out” with Alex Newell putting Adam and Jake on the forefront of the UK commercial and club crossover scene in 2015.

The Martin Solveig remix opens in Blonde’s unique fashion, with Sam White’s echoing repeated vocals providing an intro alongside a skippy beat and upbeat synth chords. This extended build-up, however, leads into a tougher sub-bass drop reminiscent of garage and 2-step influences. It’s the perfect backdrop for Sam’s soaring “can I be your plus one?” chorus, percussive details adding to the rhythm before another dramatic breakdown and powerful bass drop.

Blonde’s remix of ‘+1’ gives a very different angle on the original, whilst keeping the best of it’s catchy vocals and proving the duo’s skill with a tougher bassline.


Connect with Blonde:
Blonde Official
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