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Abydoss Records Expanding Staff and Roster

Abydos Records (, a growing independent record label in Northeast Ohio, today announced the appointment of two new directors within the Company.

President Jeff McConocha cited the label’s recent success and ever-growing stable of artists as the main reasons for creating the new positions. “I’ve been really fortunate to find so many talented people that get and share my vision,” said McConocha. “’Promotion and Marketing’ and A&R are both very key positions in the organization and finding people to fill those positions that share the vision is gratifying. I’m excited to welcome both Lance and Paul to the Abydos family.”


McConocha has appointed Paul Vician as Director of Artist and Repertoire. Vician, a Cleveland native who spent most of his life in LA, will be working directly with Abydos artists on all things music related. Vician brings 30 years of industry experience to the position. He has produced and performed television commercials and video games as well as worked with some of music’s most well known producers, managers and entertainment attorneys. “I can’t say how excited I am to be working with Jeff McConcha and the Abydos family.” Vician said, “Abydos wants to stay leading edge, adapting to the market, while staying true to it’s artists first and foremost with utmost integrity as a label. I couldn’t ask for a better opportunity with amazing people.”


Abydos Records has also appointed Lance Waste as the Director of Publicity and Marketing. Waste is currently the Director of Artist Management with The Heart Riot Agency, a position he plans to retain. “Jeff and everyone at Abydos have a really great thing going.” Waste said, “I’m  excited to be a part of it and help out on my end. I expect big things from this label.” Lance Waste has produced over 300 albums, toured the world with his band Darling Waste, has served as A&R for several record labels while living in New York and England, and has managed artists from all over the world.

Founded in 2007, Abydos Records is part of the Abydos Productions brand, an independent multimedia company focusing on music, photography and film production. These additions show a commitment to both the art and the artists on the Abydos roster as the label continues to grow. For more information, please visit

Patterns of Decay Release “A Fool’s Guide For Selling Your Soul” Official Video


Melodic heavy metal band Patterns of Decay have released the official music video for their track entitled “A Fool’s Guide For Selling Your Soul”, from their freshman EP Malicious Intent.

Our debut EP: Malicious Intent, is born of the collaboration of five misfits who never found a true home in the “scene”. It is a mission statement that elaborates upon the sentiment that doing what you love is the only way to find true happiness, regardless of what others may think. The songs therein are written by us and for us. We aren’t looking to “break the mold” with our music, but rather, tell the truth. We are showing you what we are, as well as what we might become. If you happen to enjoy the music, well, that’s just icing on the bong.Matthew Stirrat (Guitar/Clean Vocals)

917kkTAK4zL._SL1425_Track List:
1. You’ll Never Fly the Space Shuttle If You Marry a Stripper
2. A Fool’s Guide for Selling Your Soul
3. Porcelain Bride
4. Burn Victim Beauty Pageant [Explicit]
5. Reality and Other Falsehoods
6. The Harbinger
7. Llama Lobotomy

Buy Patterns of Decay’s Malicious Intent on iTunes


Patterns of Decay was formed in April of 2014 in Long Island, NY. All of its members had previously been in established acts within the New York metal scene and sought to create music of a beautifully aggressive nature. Patterns of Decay is not about following the current trends, but rather about making their music a reflection of their uncharacteristic charm. They are social outcasts with a passion for an abrasive sound. Most of them also smoke a lot of weed. They cannot be stopped.

Patterns of Decay:
Christian “Christmas” Contello – Vocals
Dan “It’s Spaghetti” Gold – Guitar
Eric “Upper West-Side XXX” Anthony – Drums
Julius “The Human Hoverboard” Heuman – Bass
Matt “Matterns ov Dekay” Stirrat – Guitar

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Reign Eternal Release “The Amendment” Music Video


Metalcore quintet Reign Eternal has released a new music video single, “The Amendment” off their debut EPPremonitions. The UK based band released Premonitions last month which also featured their popular single, “Bloodwater”.

“Off the back bone of our first video “Fighting Blind feat. Matt Stuart” we shot the second music video for another track on our Premonitions EP called “The Amendment”. Because of the lyrical theme of Bullying and Discrimination this is a song which a lot of our fans and new listeners can relate to. For us “The Amendment” is a stand out track on the EP and we wanted to give it the video it deserves,” comments vocalist Ellis Jones.

Watch Reign Eternal’s “The Amendment” music video below.

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Cry Excess Release “Unto Death” Music Video

Hi-res band photo

Luxor Record’s metal band Cry Excess has released a new music video for their latest single, “Unto Death”. The single comes from their 2015 full length release, Ambition Is The Shit which showcases the outfit’s new unique metal and rock sound.

“This is our favorite song of the album. We truly believe it fully represents ourselves an it’s the visceral connection between us all. We’d like to inspire people to listen to the inward voice and do whatever makes them feel special or unique. Unto Death is a clarion call to those who insist on bettering themselves and their loved ones and their life.” – Cry Excess

Watch Cry Excess‘ new music video below and check out Ambition Is The Shit today on iTunes.



NightShade Release “Uchronia” Music Video; New Album Pre-Orders Available Today

NightShade Promo

French Metal band NightShade has released their newest music video and single, “Uchronia” off their upcoming album Predilections. The album produced at Nalcon Studios, mixed and master by Joey Sturgis (Asking Alexandria, Attila, Born Of Osiris) will be released on February 12th via Marked Man Records. Pre-orders forPredilections are now available on iTunes and at the Marked Man Recordsonline store.

“NightShade really brings a powerful punch of riffs, beatdowns, and steady pulverizing rhythms that will kick your ass! Listen to this, and try not to spin kick your neighbors.” – Joey Sturgis

Guitarist, Bastien Deleule said, “One of my favorite songs from the album. I worked on it with Fabien Letren and think we found the perfect harmony between the technical, powerful and epic ending parts with the orchestral.”

NightShade Album Art


1 – Sentient

2 – Uchronia

3 – Before We Die

4 – Enclave

5 – Reminisce/Solace (ft Kiarely from Conquer Divide)

6 – My Orchid

7 – For Those Who Fight

8 – Midas (ft Vincent from JRAAAH)

9 – What Dreams May Come

10 – Sons Of Liberty



Mr. Rogers Reveals Official Remix Package For ‘I’ll Take You’ with Solidisco, Jenaux, LBCK & More


Mr. Rogers’ has unveiled a remix package of his Spotify US Viral Chart topping single, “I’ll Take You”, with fresh takes on the single from Solidisco, Jenaux, Catchment, LBCK, and Sem Thomasson, through Big Beat Records.

Previously a behind-the-scenes producer for some of the world’s biggest artists (Lauryn Hill, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX and many more), Mr. Rogers aka Jarrad Rogers is now releasing music on his own, bringing his well-honed songwriting and production skills to his own material, including the single “I’ll Take You.”

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