Nicholas Gunn Reminds Us of the Beauty of “Nature” Under the Influence of Music!


Hot on the heels of his stunning introduction to Under the Influence of Music, “Beauty”, Classically Trained Instrumentalist and Ambient Electronic Producer Nicholas Gunn takes his dark atmospheric styling to the next level with the second installment, “Nature”!

As one of the most recognized early Ambient Instrumental Producers, and with such top selling and respected releases as Afternoon in Sedona and The Music of the Grand Canyon (the second of which made Billboard’s Top Ten, charting for fourteen weeks, selling over 100,000 it’s first year), it’s no wonder that Nicholas Gunn’s return to this world would come in the form of a phenomenal series of delicate, atmospheric gems under the enigmatic title Under the Influence of Music. The first single, “Beauty”, gave a taste of the dark, ethereal tone that fans can expect, but the newest track, “Nature”, really re-establishes Gunn’s uncanny ability to actualize concept into substance, with the end result being a truly radiant and uplifting auditory experience!Music Existence

Buy Nicholas Gunn’s “Nature, Under The Influence of Music” Online:
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Connect With Nicholas Gunn:
Nicholas Gunn Official
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