Sunndrug (Ex-Norma Jean & Spitfire) Debut New Song

Virginia Beach quintet Sunndrug has signed with Mind Over Matter Records to release their debut full-length, Exit Wounds, this fall. The group is streaming a new single from the album called “Shining”. “‘Shining’ was the last song we wrote before starting to record the album,” says vocalist Jimmy Reeves, who is also known for being the original bassist of theContinue reading “Sunndrug (Ex-Norma Jean & Spitfire) Debut New Song”

Boat Race Weekend Release First Single from Upcoming EP

Emo trio Boat Race Weekend from Spokane, WA has announced that their new EP Throw Your Head to the World! will be released on 10/14. Today, the band is streaming the first single “Broken Teeth” on Soundcloud, a full-bodied track that is a reminder to smile, even while facing tough times. “It’s about having the strength and the courage toContinue reading “Boat Race Weekend Release First Single from Upcoming EP”