Jantsen & Dirt Monkey: Soltri Pt. 1

Side projects are generally an outlet for an artist’s less marketable music. Artists don’t set out to do much with it, but with Dirt Monkey & Jantsen they are looking to change the face of dance music with their new venture Soltri. With Soltri, the duo plan to mesh genres from cultures all around theContinue reading “Jantsen & Dirt Monkey: Soltri Pt. 1”

Riotous Indignation Releases New Video “The End”

Chicago, IL-Hardcore/Thrash artists Riotous Indignation have announced the release of the video for their song “The End”. This song and video were inspired by the ongoing and pervasive gun violence that has been a growing problem for decades in Chicago. This song is actually written from the victims perspective in a drive-by shooting. As he faces hisContinue reading “Riotous Indignation Releases New Video “The End””

Aerial Release “Foreign Coast” Music Video

Progressive metalcore quartet Aerial has released their new music video titled, “Foreign Coast” off their 2016 EP Foresight. After spending six months in the U.K. writing and recording., the band reached out to Keaton Goldwire, of Invent, Animate and Jesse Cash of Erra to produce the five track EP. Mixed and mastered by Brian Hood (Memphis May Fire, Erra), the group cameContinue reading “Aerial Release “Foreign Coast” Music Video”