A New Way to Live Forever “Monument” Review

From the southeastern coast, alternative pop-rock group A New Way To Live Forever blend nostalgia with modern tones in their third release, Monument.

This EP starts off with Fall or Fallow,” which carries a feel-good, carefree warmth, immediately exhibiting their musical capabilities. My personal favorite is their third track,“Not This Time,” which demonstrates their musical talents and the complexity of their song writing. I Saw Stars” will take you in a more mellow, emotional direction before ending with the uplifting, final track, “Leave It All Behind.”

The overall feel on this release is upbeat and catchy with the use of different styles of guitar playing, bass and drums, and skilled vocals that are sure to leave you hooked! Definitely for fans of Muse, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters. 


Monument Track List:

  1. Fall or Follow
  2. Dream Away
  3. Not This Time
  4. I Saw Stars
  5. Leave it all Behind



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