BandPhoto1Intergalactic Death Metal Band THE BEAST OF NOD has released their debut album, VAMPIRA: DISCIPLE OF CHAOS with an accompanying comic book for fans of Sci Fi and vicious metal. To showcase the Boston based group’s unique style and musical vision, they’ve also released a lyric video for the single “Behold! … But Beware the Celestial Cetaceans! “.



Backstories and other information about The Land of Nod are available at


Track List:
1. A Prison of Ice
2. The Vanishing Commutator
3. PotRoast the RhinomanPotRoast the Rhinoman
4. Ripped Off Face II: The Cape of Faces
5. Behold! … But Beware the Celestial Cetaceans!
6.T.C.T.W.A.D.M.L.C. (The Cybernetic Tiger with a Dorsal-Mounted Laser Cannon)
7. Vampira Infernalis
8. The Phoenix Nebula

Download / Stream Vampira: Disciple of Chaos

iTunes | BC Bandcamp

Click HERE to Order Physical Copy of ‘Vampira: Disciple of Chaos’

Click HERE to Download the Sentient Squirrel Death Machine Comic Book Online.

Click HERE for Vampira: Disciple of Chaos (Full Album Stream/Visualizer).

Click HERE for Vampira: Disciple of Chaos (INSTRUMENTALFull Album Stream/Visualizer)

Click HERE for “Potroast the Rhinoman (3D VR Music Video)”

Click HERE for “Rig Rundown (Part 1: The Mothership)”


Intergalactic Death Metal [noun] 1. A subgenre of death metal music featuring linear song structures, odd time signatures, and extremely technical passages, wherein songs explore the characters and events of a sci-fi universe called “The Land of Nod.”

We are an Intergalactic Death Metal band from Boston, MA, USA.

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