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Rock-metal behemoths Hold Me Hostage release debut full-length album Metaphors for Captivity.

On August 8, 2018 Denver soul-infused rock-metal behemoths Hold Me Hostage released their debut full-length album Metaphors for Captivity. The 12-track LP epitomizes their innovative sound and carries the theme of optimism cloaked in anger throughout the album’s lyrical story.

Hold Me Hostage has released three videos for the LP, including a video directed by Digtial Myle for the first track “That was Then,” “Hatred,” and “Shit Hits The Fan.” The videos’ lyrics and imagery relate to moving forward from the past, learning from your mistakes, and overcoming adversity as outsiders project their own insecurities onto you.

Metaphors for Captivity
1. That Was Then
2. Shit Hits the Fan
3. Time Bomb
4. Jaded
5. Hatred
6. Altitude Sickness
7. Burning Bridges
8. Alpha Spirit
9. The Fittest
10. You Only Live Once
11. Native Blessing
12. In a Dream

13. The Beauty (Bonus Track)

Hold Me Hostage is: 
Chris Thomas – Vocals
Patrick Searcy – Guitar
Bryan Stacks – Bass & keys
James Opiteck -Drums.
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Thrash Metal Titans Anialator Drop New EP Rise to Supremacy

Don’t call this a comeback. This is a remanufactured battle beast rebuilt from the ground up to assault your senses.  With a new EP entitled Rise to Supremacy Anialator has crafted the best songs of their career and with a line up as solid as steel they are ready to take on the future on a global scale. Originally formed in 1986, Anialator went on hiatus in the nineties as members started families and moved on to other musical projects. When appeals from fans to reunite came through the band’s social media accounts, bassist Alex Dominguez contacted the original singer, Mark Arispe, to organize the next phase of Anialator’s sonic journey. “The magic of the internet built us a cult following,” says Alex. “People were interested in seeing us dominate the stage again.” Although Mark was ultimately not able to continue with the project, Alex spearheaded a search for a group of musicians who could carry Anialator into the 21st century.

Now with a heavier sound, Anialator has released a five-track EP entitled Rise to Supremacy, which has bridged the gap between the late-eighties take on thrash, and contemporary reinterpretations of metal by a younger generation. Alex explains, “Kids are digging it. We’re getting a lot of younger fans at our shows. It sounds funny, but it’s their older brothers or their dads that have our record in their collection. They discovered us through them.” Although Anailator’s roots are planted firmly in the past, their sound has adapted to be relevant to both original fans and the younger generation alike.

The self-produced EP was mixed by Chris Marshall and released via Madrid-based metal label Xtreem Music. Shortly after its release, Anialator earned a spot on Combat Records’ compilation Combat Bullets Vol. 1.0 and wrote a brand new song, “Dead World Spiral,” especially for the release. “We ended up writing that song almost on the spot since we had just released our EP and didn’t have any new material to submit to them,” says Alex. The positive reception from both the EP and compilation single has laid the foundation for an upcoming full-length album. Alex reveals, “We have over a dozen songs that haven’t taken form yet; they’re just ideas. Once we clean them up and each put our own fingerprint on it, they’ll come alive. They’re just waiting for us to start working on them and nailing them out.”

The band has a no-holds-barred writing style to dive into the soul of the music. The members push each other to extremes to extract the raw essence of each song. Alex explains, “In the studio, we’re like vultures over a dead body. If it sounds like shit, we’ll tell them to do it again. We’re constantly poking and pushing each other’s buttons to the point that they’re so pissed off, the sound we’re looking for comes out.”

Anialator is:

Angel Gonzalez – Vocals

Alex Dominguez – Bass

Roland Torres – Guitar

Armando Valadez – Guitar

OJ Landa – Drums