Industrial/Metal Band SCREAM AT THE SKY Addresses Drug Addiction With New Video, “Save Yourself”


Tuesday, October 13 
– Houston-based industrial/metal act SCREAM AT THE SKY has unleashed their new video for the song, “Save Yourself.”  The video made its exclusive premiere on Metal Devastation Radio HERE:


Video Direction: Erik Gustafson (Adoration Destroyed/Grendel/Erik Gustafson Photography) & Brian Carter      

Video Notes:

“The video is about addictions and breaking the common plague that infects millions of people every day. I wrote the song about a real life experience that I encountered when one of my closest friends called me and said they have a problem and didn’t know how to save themselves.

The video basically symbolizes a dialog between your drug addiction and your soul.  It’s your drug addiction saying “you’ll never be saved.” Then your soul is fighting back, saying “You can change this and you are worth saving.”

I actually wasn’t even going to record this song on our first EP.  I wrote the song and finished it in the studio when I asked my producer James Gelber (HEMLOCK) at the last minute if we could add this song. Being the bad ass that he is, he helped me bring this song to life making it one of my favorite songs to play live.”

– Brian Carter (SCREAM AT THE SKY)

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