Ohio based Indie Rock artist, Earthling XO, has released the acoustic tinged love ballad ‘French Toast’. The dreamy single covers the simpler side of love. “It’s about the overwhelming feeling of bliss you get when you meet the right person,” explains singer-songwriter Tyler Irby , “And how no matter what little inconveniences happen or obstacles you encounter along the way, nothing will keep you from continuing to try to make them happy.”

Produced by Ron Flack of Realgrey Records, the track features a pleasing arrangement of acoustic guitar backed by sparse piano, hand drums, strings, woodwinds and horns.

Earthling XO brings a fresh, new taste on Indie Rock, pulling from a wide array of different genres. Over the course of just one previous three song EP, Earthling XO has already proved his creativity and versatility, emerging as one of the exciting new artists on the scene. Earthling XO singer-songwriter Tyler Irby has been described as “a rocker with an old soul”, with his heartfelt lyrics and melodic instrumental stylings being the foundation of his music.

Connect with Earthling XO:


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