UK Electro-Industrial Band BIOMECHANIMAL Announces New Single,”End Your Life.”


December 12, 2020 – UK electro – industrial band BIOMECHANIMAL has unleashed their  aggressive new single, “End Your Life.”  

The maxi-single release features 6 remixes.


“End Your Life release bio:

Conjured in the depths of London’s Slimelight, scene upstarts BIOMECHANIMAL, bring you “End Your Life”, a brutal, filthy expression of electronic music. This aggressive collaboration brings together elements of industrial, extreme metal, and both artists’ visceral vocal performances. It’s rounded out by a selection of explosive remixes from both established and fresh artists across the alternative electronic sphere.

Written by Matt & Nysrok, produced by BIOMECHANIMAL, post production from X-Fusion Music Production & Keith/Mechanical Vein, and some incredible artwork from returning artist Midiankai Arts, the single hosts a large array of scene talent: DIE SEKTOR, JAVI SSAGITTAR (Terrolokaust, Killus), MOAAN EXIS, XMH, XOTOX, and new labelmates KALCYFR.

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