Introducing: Paco Is Desperate!

Paco Is Desperate! is emerging as one of the best young talents from the Toledo, Ohio’s rising Emo/Indie music scene. The outfit’s new single, ‘Margaret’ is a gorgeously layered, earnest ballad about the abuse that can come within relationships. “The concept of Margaret is that she is this personification, this sort of spiritual manifestation of the evilContinue reading “Introducing: Paco Is Desperate!”

Introducing: Defile The Crown

Defile The Crown Unleashes Heavy New Single ‘Unknown Entity’ Metalcore band Defile The Crown have released their latest single, ‘Unknown Entity’, a heavy buzzsaw of a track covering themes of the pandemic and how it has effected society. “For us, ‘Unknown Entity’ is about the current state of the country,” explains the band, “It’s also ourContinue reading “Introducing: Defile The Crown”

Tennessee Rock Band Waiting For Eternity Release New Single

For Chattanooga, Tennessee rock band Waiting For Eternity, making music comes from a personal place. “We want to create music to share our story. The story that everyone shares some part of,” explains the band, “Getting through and growing stronger from hard times, finding the strength to push on, learning that you are never trulyContinue reading “Tennessee Rock Band Waiting For Eternity Release New Single”