Tennessee Rock Band Waiting For Eternity Release New Single

For Chattanooga, Tennessee rock band Waiting For Eternity, making music comes from a personal place. “We want to create music to share our story. The story that everyone shares some part of,” explains the band, “Getting through and growing stronger from hard times, finding the strength to push on, learning that you are never truly alone and ultimately,  to encourage and lead others to the truth that there is HOPE and something better to be found on the other side of struggle, frustration, defeat, failure, pain and loss.”

Waiting For Eternity continue this message with their new single ‘The Long Walk’, an Alternative rock throwback reminiscent of Grunge greats like Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots.  “We have written this song about killing the things that keep you down and leaving behind the things of the past,” the band says, “We want to encourage you that there is hope and that there is help for all who are in need. No matter what struggles you face everyday, whether it is depression, addiction or all of the endless other things that we fight against everyday, you do not have to face them alone.”

Along with the new single, Waiting For Eternity has released a music video, which puts the focus specifically on the struggles that face our nation’s veterans. You can watch the video below:

Formed four years ago by friends who have known each other for years, Waiting For Eternity began taking music seriously about a year ago after the addition of their current drummer. The current lineup only got the chance to play one show before the pandemic shutdown.  Prior to releasing ‘The Long Walk’, Waiting For Eternity released their debut single ‘Blindfold’ in July of 2020.

Waiting For Eternity is:
Shane Grubb – Lead Vocals, Guitars 
Tony Cook – Bass
Ed Callais –  Drums

Connect With Waiting For Eternity:







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