SAVANNA ROSE Releases Dreamy Pop Single “Okay Again”

Cleveland Singer-Songwriter Savanna Rose has been writing music her whole life. With the release of her new single, “Okay Again”, Savanna Rose sets out to inspire the dreams of listeners while continuing her path as a recording artist and performer. “The lyrics of this song came to me as I was flying back home from Oregon,” Savanna Rose explains, “At the time, I was feeling pretty stagnant in life and pursuing my dreams, and it inspired me to write a song about never giving up and to never stop moving forward.”

The single begins with the sound of waves before the dreamy, breezy pop music begins. “What’s the point of dreams? What’s the point of life?” Savanna Rose ponders before deciding “I can’t hold back. I want the best for me. I’ll be ok again.”

Savanna Rose has released the single “The Number Song”(2017) and the LPs Haunting (2014) and Euphoria (2015). “Okay Again” was produced by Mike “Vegas” Villegas and co-produced by Aaron Hymes.

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