Introducing: New Dilemma

With Covid-19 postponing their tour with Smile Empty Soul, Orlando Hard Rock band New Dilemma have released a lyric video for their single, “Don’t Lose Control“.  The track, a dark modern rock banger featuring a blistering solo from renowned guitar virtuoso Bobby Keller, is all about staying true to yourself in tough situation. “Don’t lose control is about notContinue reading “Introducing: New Dilemma”

Tina Karol Impresses On U.S. Debut Single

Multi platinum Ukranian pop superstar Tina Karol has released the first single from her debut US album. The single, “Heaven”, is a sultry R&B record that showcases Karol’s legendary vocal prowess over a seductive, lush arrangement. ” “Heaven” is a very sensual song, it is permeated with tenderness, hope and at the same time coquetry,” explains Tina, who is alsoContinue reading “Tina Karol Impresses On U.S. Debut Single”

Introducing: Chasing Airplanes

Melodic Metal-Core project Chasing Airplanes has released their newest single, “From Within”. The track is a metalcore banger that goes for the throat starting with the first notes of the song. A brief piano break gives the listener a measure to recover before being launched in a catchy chorus that blends melodic vocals and screams.Continue reading “Introducing: Chasing Airplanes”