Introducing: Chasing Airplanes

Melodic Metal-Core project Chasing Airplanes has released their newest single, “From Within”. The track is a metalcore banger that goes for the throat starting with the first notes of the song. A brief piano break gives the listener a measure to recover before being launched in a catchy chorus that blends melodic vocals and screams.

Hailing from Tampa, FL, Chasing Airplanes is the brainchild of Kyle Jeffcoat, who writes, records and mixes everything himself. The process can be long but gratifying.  “I had a ton of fun working on “From Within”,” says Jeffcoat, “Balancing the singing and screaming seemed to just fall into place and the entire process took around a month.”

Chasing Airplanes had a very busy 2020, releasing 3 singles (The City, Beneath The Veil, To Begin and End) and an EP (Welcome To The Show). Valuing the combination of screamed and sung vocals, Chasing Airplanes strives to combine the two in hard hitting songs that also feature memorable melodies, juicy chugs, and clean synths. Chasing Airplanes pulls influences from many different genres and artists including Polaris, We Came as Romans, Adept, The Midnight, Lights, Parkway Drive, In Flames, and many more.

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