Tina Karol Impresses On U.S. Debut Single

Multi platinum Ukranian pop superstar Tina Karol has released the first single from her debut US album. The single, “Heaven”, is a sultry R&B record that showcases Karol’s legendary vocal prowess over a seductive, lush arrangement. ” “Heaven” is a very sensual song, it is permeated with tenderness, hope and at the same time coquetry,” explains Tina, who is also a coach on “The Voice: Ukraine“, “This is a collective image that almost any woman can try on. We are ready to forgive, close our eyes, accept flaws, while remaining strong on the inside. It’s all for love. Love is at the top of everything.”

Tina Karol is a Ukrainian singer, actress, and television presenter. She has released seven studio albums to golden and platinum status in Ukraine and has embarked on concert tour all over the world. Tina is the star coach of “The Voice. Ukraine” and “The Voice. Kids”, where she is a  5 times the winning coach. She was 2013’s “The most popular woman of Ukraine” according to Google and Yandex and “The most beautiful woman” according to ViVA! Magazine. 2008, 2009, 2017.

Tina has been awarded the title of People’s Artist of Ukraine and awarded the Order Of Princess Olha by the President of Ukraine. She has also received The Legend Award for Outstanding achievements in the music industry of Ukraine at M1 Music Awards and was awarded “Best female artist” in 2014, 2015 and 2017. The 2014 the music documentary “Tina Karol. The Power of Love and the Voice” won the 10th Annual Action On Film International Film Festival (USA) in the category “Best Documentary”.

Tina has appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, VOGUE and has been an ambassador for a number of global brands including Louis Vuitton, Ukrainian International Airlines, Huawei and L’Oreal.

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