Sean Kingston and Luca Dayz Present: “PHENOMENAL”

Award winning R&B recording artist and songwriter Luca Dayz has teamed up with Multi-platinum singer and rapper Sean Kingston on the R&B hit “Phenomenal”. The track also features Ukrainian Pop Star Tina Karol and Legendary Marquest. Taking off like a rocket, the song has amassed over 40k plays in it’s first week on Spotify! Luca DayzContinue reading “Sean Kingston and Luca Dayz Present: “PHENOMENAL””

Introducing: DEF DAVYNE

Oregon based Hip Hop artist DEF davyne has recently dropped his latest song, the radio-ready, hip-hop, pop crossover single “No More Tears”. The track is all about being a positive force in someone else’s life. “I wrote with the goal of helping someone feel better, without taking advantage of their vulnerability,” explains DEF davyne, “Showing them aContinue reading “Introducing: DEF DAVYNE”