Introducing: Dying Oath

Dying Oath may be new to the scene, but it has been in the works for quite some time… through many iterations, time and tryouts, they put together the right musicians with the right amount of heart, drive, and dedication to push the project to new heights.

Originating from Rural Retreat, a small farm town in southwest Virginia, Dying Oath has seen its share of hardships and struggles. Just finding members who met all the necessary criteria took over a year to accomplish. Nonetheless, Dying Oath has proven that although the area is dominated by Country and Bluegrass, that Metalcore, with its crunchy rhythms and sweeping melodic leads accompanied by a combination of delicate clean and hardcore vocals, can succeed.

DYING OATH have released their latest banger “End Of Days“.  The track features the guttural screams of vocalist Mindy Jackson combined with the clean vocals of co-vocalist Jeb Baxley, all on top of the brutal composition of lead guitarist Josh Hagee. “This track means a lot to us from both a lyrical standpoint and the energy and vibe from the music,” explains Hagee, “The bridge of this track is notorious for creating circle pits!

Recorded at Ragnarock Studio Wytheville and mixed/mastered  by Zack Dufort at Exodian Studio, the single took a little longer to finish than expect, “Directly after receiving our first mix from Zack, we swapped drummers and had to completely re-track everything.  We paid for this song twice!”

Dying Oath also shot a music video for “End Of Days“. The video, directed and produced by Joshua R Crouse, was shot on location at Helheim Haunted Attraction in Wytheville, VA. “This video was a massive undertaking and really tested our limits,” says Hagee,” I wasn’t entirely sure if the blood on Mindy was actually hers or prop!  The video kicked our asses.” 


Mindy Jackson – Vocals, Cleans/Screams

Jeb Baxley – Vocals, Cleans

Josh Hagee – Composer, Lead Guitarist

Ryan Endicott – Rhythm Guitarist

Ryan Matney – Bass

Gage Freeman – Drums

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