“Miungu ya Muziki” Ft. Bounty Killer, Gucci Mane, Gives Back To Jamaica While Climbing Charts

Bentley Records has teamed up with executive producers BeatBopper Music and DiPresident to release “Miungu Ya Muziki“, a compellation album featuring over 30 of today’s hottest global stars, including Bounty Killer, Gucci Mane, Tina Karol, Luca Dayz, Sean Kingston, Third World Don and more! “I’m excited to be involved with this project. And I’m happy that “Phenomenal” is on “Miungu Ya Muziki”,” says multi platinum Ukranian recording artist Tina Karol, “This song has a strong positive vibe just like all reggae music does. When talented artists from all over the world unite to create something interesting the listeners receive a unique and unforgettable product.”

Since it’s release, the album has climbed to #1 on the Amazon charts and #11 on Apple Music charts! CEO of Beatbopper Michael Hudgins says “This International album “Miungu ya Muziki” just 1 month after release has hit 4 #1s on Amazon Top 100 charts. So we are blessed to have such great talent such as legend Bounty Killer, Gucci Mane, Hephb, Ayr Swisha,  Kingtiger,  Kabaka Pyramid, Talis/Headnoize, Third World Don and Sean Kingston come together for this album!” 

A portion of the proceeds from album sales is being donated to help the orphans of Jamaica, a cause close to all of the artists’ hearts. “What I am doing is a gesture to make the wider sector of society see we all have to try to help back Jamaica,” explains Bounty Killer, “Besides it being a really dope album the Humanitarian element tied to it where some of the proceeds go towards fatherless children in Jamaica offers another reason to be proud being associated with the project.” adds Headnoize /Talis. 

Bentley Records is an award winning luxury international record label founded in 2013. Bentley Records is more than just a record label, it’s a lifestyle. Their roster includes well established, top industry artists, producers and songwriters. Currently Bentley Records has a growing music catalog of over 5000+ records. Bentley Records recently launched it’s new AI, blockchain and machine learning based artist development platform bentleyrecords.io, “the future label”. Part of the benefits go to the Luxo Group HOPE Foundation.

David “DiPresident” Grant originally from Kingston, Jamaica – ultimately landing in Long Island, NY as a preteen – is a multi-talented manager that has worked with some of the industry’s best kept secrets such as the multi- faceted musical artists Third World Don and King Tiger, Covergirl and songstress Nefatari, actors/singers D’meetri (Griffin) of Blackish and Stitchers, Christian Distefano the voice of Alex on Paw Patrol, as well as roles on Odd Squad, Cut Bank, and horror film Clown, and Reggae Pop Rock group Milou Sky, to Ukraine’s own Tina Karol, and, Luca Dayz – owner of Luxo Group International – home of Bentley Records, Luxo Air, MIXZ tv, and Luxe Hope – as well as, Caribbean journalist Eugene Pitter and many others. While he has helped many of these artists recognize their talents to the larger audience, he is slated to bring to the forefront many other talents that have not gotten the recognition they deserve to date.

With the current project under his management, “Miungu ya Muziki,” Mr. Grant will solidify his role in, not only artist management and development, but in project management too. This album brings together many international artists with a focus on many of the artists from his own birthplace and other islands in the Caribbean. While a man of many facets, music is the breadth of his soul. Many of the records on the project speak to the dynamic love of music he and his partner, Michael Hudgins, has.

Executive Producer Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins knew that God had a plan for his life other than sports. Hudgins states, “My childhood was fun growing up. However, I didn’t know we were that broke…yet living good, if you can understand.” Grant has the same sentiment of his own youth growing up between Kingston, Jamaica and Long Island, NY. While their younger years may not have been all that they dreamed it to be Grant and Hudgins have worked hard to make sure that they are living the “American Dream” through an industry that speaks to the heart and soul of those across the world, Music. 



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