Originally from the Chicagoland area, but a recent Nashville transplant, folk pop singer-songwriter Bernice Marsala has just dropped her latest single, “Down“. The orchestral pop single dreamy ballad featuring horns, pianos and strings.. “I wanted to orchestrate the effect of falling through this sort of “wall” of brass and saxophone, and I wrote the bassline in the chorusContinue reading “Introducing: BERNICE MARSALA”

Introducing: COPPER BONES

Copper Bones is a hard rock/metal two-piece from Orlando, Florida. Veterans of the Florida Music scene, both Ryan (bass/vox) and Gregg (drums) have been sharing the stage, on-and-off for at least 20 years, in various bands. It wasn’t until the fall of 2015 when they rejoined forces to start Copper Bones and kickstart this monstrousContinue reading “Introducing: COPPER BONES”