Originally from the Chicagoland area, but a recent Nashville transplant, folk pop singer-songwriter Bernice Marsala has just dropped her latest single, “Down“. The orchestral pop single dreamy ballad featuring horns, pianos and strings.. “I wanted to orchestrate the effect of falling through this sort of “wall” of brass and saxophone, and I wrote the bassline in the chorus to express the description of spinning.” Marsala explains, “Usually my primary focus is my lyrics, but with this song I really felt the music pulling me into a certain direction.”

Bernice Marsala is also releasing an accompanying music video for “Down”. “Between COVID and our out-of-state move in the works, I really had to get creative trying to shoot a video,” explains Marsala, “The entire thing takes place at our apartment and all the main shooting and editing was done within a 24-hour period.  With the particular vibe this song creates, I was inspired to incorporate some film noir-style scenes, which were my favorite but also the hardest shots to get right.”

Bernice is a longtime singer/songwriter with a background in classical guitar. Her primary genre is folk pop/rock, but she enjoys dabbling in different musical styles. Her sound has been compared to the styles of Michelle Branch, Ingrid Michaelson, Natalie Imbruglia, and the like.

Her debut album, “Save Me,” was released last year, displaying her unique style of infectious melodies and intricate lyricism. Her leading single, “Left Behind,” was featured internationally on Radio Alfa in Salerno, Italy. Later in the year, she released a Halloween-themed EP of instrumentals; a fun nod to her favorite holiday.

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