Introducing: Matty Holmes

Toronto singer/songwriter Matty Holmes has just dropped his latest single, “Sick Of It”. Part four of the toxic love mixtape – “Sick Of It” brings us up close and personal with some of the many struggles experienced in a love gone wrong. The song outlines the truths in life and love through the realization of a toxic relationship.

“One can only take so much lies and deceit from a loved one until it builds up to the point where you can’t take it any more and become sick of it,” explains Matty, “All the pent up pain and sadness evolves into a pure anger.  This song is a warning to those who can’t see what’s in front of their face along with a strengthening anthem for those who have seen it and are working on moving on with their lives.”

Matty Holmes was and is an empath; extremely sensitive to the emotions of those around him. To ease this over-whelming emotional sensitivity, he would sit and listen to music for hours at a time; the music giving him a deep sense of relief and peace within. He soon discovered that music was the answer to help manage this ability he had to read and sense what people were feeling.

Matty’s first experience of bands like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Bring Me The Horizon gave him the inspiration to pursue music on a more professional level. That inspiration led him to a Brampton, Ontario band called The Dream Atlantic. Invited to sit in on a jam session, Matty summoned the courage to pick up the microphone and belt it out. As opportunity would have it, the band loved his voice and invited Matty to join them as the second vocalist. Soon thereafter, he became their only vocalist. 

Matty Holmes believes the elements of pain and suffering give a sense of purpose to his new music. His songs are not just songs, they are stories about love, stories about pain, and toxic love. 


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