Introducing: Analog Drip

Analog Drip is a two-piece Pop Punk/Alternative Rock band from Jacksonville, Florida. They have been playing in bands together since high school and have the liver damage to back up the party lifestyle they portray in their lyrics. Connecting with the crowd isn’t hard when you write songs about good times, positivity, love lost andContinue reading “Introducing: Analog Drip”

Introducing: Dolleesi

Dolleesi is an internationally recognized singer and songwriter, currently based in Los Angeles, CA. She was born in North Greece and was raised on the island of Rhodes, where her talent in music started to bloom. Dolleesi is known for her powerful vocals and her impressive range that blend harmonically with the smooth sound ofContinue reading “Introducing: Dolleesi”

Introducing: I Met A Yeti

Orlando, Florida’s 5-piece progressive post-hardcore outfit I Met A Yeti, has made waves in the genre with their EP titled Camp Yeti, a 5 track venture into the concepts of identity, relationships, and internal conflict. They are back with “Opulence”, the first single off of an as yet untitled EP. The track features the quirky,Continue reading “Introducing: I Met A Yeti”