Introducing: I Met A Yeti

Orlando, Florida’s 5-piece progressive post-hardcore outfit I Met A Yeti, has made waves in the genre with their EP titled Camp Yeti, a 5 track venture into the concepts of identity, relationships, and internal conflict. They are back with “Opulence”, the first single off of an as yet untitled EP. The track features the quirky, technical, staggering musicianship we’ve come to expect from the band, all as a bed for the beautifully melodies and pained screams of vocalist Daisy Chamberlin.

For the band, “Opulence” was the creative foundation to build the rest of the album. “We began writing Opulence in Sacramento, California while staying in a motel for a couple nights between tour dates,” explains the band, “Opulence quickly evolved into the foundation for the upcoming EP. In many ways it defined the sound we aimed for while writing the rest of the album.

“Opulence” was recorded with Matt Goings of Killian Studios, who also engineered/produced/mixed and mastered Camp Yeti. “We also worked with Kyle Hoffer for the first time on this song, having him track Daisy’s vocals for this song,” says the band, “Caleb Taylor and Matt Burridge of Pulses. lent their voices to this track, singing and screaming lyrics written by their drummer Kevin Taylor.

Check out the song below:

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