Alternative/Industrial Band CARBON MARTYR Addresses Mankind & Technology With Debut Album

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 8, 2021 – Toronto-based alternative/industrial band CARBON MARTYR has just unleashed their debut full-length album, A Soft Spot For The Broken. A Soft Spot For The Broken: The underlying message revolves around mankind and technology. This manifests in a few different ways, from thoughts of a future where we become over-dependent on technology, to simpler ideas likeContinue reading “Alternative/Industrial Band CARBON MARTYR Addresses Mankind & Technology With Debut Album”

Industrial Band MICROWAVED Addresses Loss With ‘Save Me’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 7, 2021 – Electro-Industrial band MICROWAVED has just unleashed their new EP, Save Me. The video for the title track featuring BOW EVER DOWN made its premiere on ReGen Magazine HERE. The EP contains 16 tracks, 14 of which will be available on streaming platforms June 12th. The Bandcamp release will contain two bonus tracks: a collaboration with LIEBCHEN on aContinue reading “Industrial Band MICROWAVED Addresses Loss With ‘Save Me’”

Darkwave Duo Band HANGING FREUD Speaks Of Loss And Transformation with ‘Persona Normal’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 7, 2021 – Glasgow based darkwave/post-punk duo Hanging Freud have just unveiled their sixth full-length album Persona Normal. The band states:      “We were living between the UK and Brazil, going back and forth. These were two societies going through extreme change. The whole world was changing in a way that felt scary.” Some themes of Persona Normal dealContinue reading “Darkwave Duo Band HANGING FREUD Speaks Of Loss And Transformation with ‘Persona Normal’”

Introducing: Malibu Nights

Denver, CO electronic alternative rock act Malibu Nights have just dropped a video for their single “Callie”. The song is a dancy synthwave track showcasing singer and composer Levi Garrett Smith’s vocal and songwriting skills. “We marinated on this song for several years, through freezing cold practice sessions and lineup changes,” explains Smith, “This song embodiesContinue reading “Introducing: Malibu Nights”

Introducing: Matty Holmes

Toronto singer/songwriter Matty Holmes has just dropped his latest single, “Sick Of It”. Part four of the toxic love mixtape – “Sick Of It” brings us up close and personal with some of the many struggles experienced in a love gone wrong. The song outlines the truths in life and love through the realization of a toxicContinue reading “Introducing: Matty Holmes”

Introducing: Lucibelle

Alt Pop duo LUCIBELLE has just dropped their latest single, the dreamy, piano led indie-pop song “Sad Girl T_T”. The track deals with the effects of depression in every day life. ” “Sad Girl” is an expression of living with depression, and the feeling accompanied by the balance of maintaining personal relationships while trying to cope,”Continue reading “Introducing: Lucibelle”