Introducing: 5-7-Zero

I’ve got a fun one for you today! Hailing from Pennsylvania (hence the 570 area code refrencing name) is hard rock band 5-7-Zero! This duo features at Harvilla and Gabe Josefowicz splitting vocals over original hard rock music.

The band draws influences from all over to create a sound all of their own, but they rock like Nirvana, Seether and Halestorm. In fact, they have been considered NEPA’s “Halestorm Tribute Act” through Pennsylvania, which is a high grade honor for a band as young as they are.

Speaking of how young they are, Gabe is 17, Cat 20, this eccentric band knows they have a ton to prove, but have the boundless energy of youth on their side.

Even though we are young, we constantly strive to move a step forward with every release, with every post. says the band.  5-7-Zero has recorded new material and plan to release it throughout the year. 

Check out their new single below!

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