Introducing: DISCOΛERIES

DISCOΛERIES is a 5 piece outfit from Raleigh, North Carolina. The band completely defies having a specific genre by simply delivering consistent and relentlessly heavy songs. While using all different combinations of the vast sub-genres of Metal, their songs will leave you barely standing. Blasting dark, low tuned crushing rhythm sections laced together with ominous lead production, and the terrifyingly demonic range and attack of vocalist Chris Winterholler. The music and band serves as a reminder to always search for the road not taken.

DISCOΛERIES encourages listeners to embrace the bullshit life throws at you and allow your negative energy to be used for the better. Their latest bone grinding single “(un)stable” carries a tormenting message of toxic negativity being mistakenly turned into your own self loathing. Frontman Chris Winterholler delivers the literature with punishing conviction while the dissonant, galloping created by the band will ultimately guide you to your own demise. While “(un)stable” may be one of their few newest releases, DISCOΛERIES is well on the way to ripping apart the traditional approach to heavy music, and drawing a new map within the genre as a whole. No gimmicks, no bullshit…DISCOΛERIES allows their demolishing sound to speak for itself.

DISCOΛERIES has released their newest single, the brutal “(un)stable”. Produced, mixed and mastered by Brandon Garrison, the track is a full frontal assault from the opening seconds, showcasing DISCOΛERIES evolving take on the metal and hardcore genres. “This song was written during the pandemic with a lot of negative thoughts surrounding it,” explains the band, “Everything was changing as such did our sound. This is a new era of Discoveries.” 

Along with dropping the single, DISCOΛERIES has also released an accompanying music video. Directed and edited by director Brandon Garrison with assistant director Jeffy Capozzoli, the video is a performance video capturing the energy of the band and track. 

You can watch the video below:

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